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    Expeditions: Vikings

    The Expeditions: Conquistador Kickstarter page has been updated with information of the sequel they are working on. You can participate in the guessing game of what the next title will be about.

    We’re going on a new Expedition! It has been two glorious years since the release of our Historical RPG Expeditions: Conquistador and to you, our wonderful community of Kickstarter backers and players we are pleased to announce a Sequel!
    Yes friends, it’s time again to gather a party of allies and explore new lands in search of riches, fame, and adventure. The question on the forefront of your minds might be, but where? Or more appropriately, when?!? Our official announcement will come next week, but until then, you are invited to have some fun with us and GUESS THE NEXT EXPEDITIONS on Facebook and Twitter!

    tldr oficial reveal sapt viitoare

    awesome, primul mi-a placut foarte mult

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    the most underrated game ever

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    Expeditions: Viking Announced - Sequel to Historical RPG Expeditions: Conquistador

    Copenhagen, Denmark -- May 20th, 2015 -- Danish indie developer Logic Artists today announced they have begun development on the second installment in their historical RPG Expeditions series, Expeditions: Viking. Set in the late 700’s A.D., Expeditions: Viking is a tactical RPG where players inherit the leadership of their clan and are charged with elevating their clan’s status by adventuring in far away lands and defending their home from their enemies both foreign and domestic.

    With the announcement, Logic Artists has also revealed some details about the game. Building from the original designs of their first game Expeditions: Conquistador the Logic Artists team have also taken player suggestions to heart. Announcing that the Expeditions Sequel will have an upgradable player village which they must return to between expeditionary raids to build and protect. Over-land travel and combat will now exist as part of the same layer. Transitioning from unrestricted exploratory movement to turn-based combat smoothly. Additionally players will see their player character manifested in the game world not just as a Role-playing character for conversations and decision making (As was in the first of the Expeditions Series), but also visibly represented in travel and combat as a custom character.

    “We are very excited to return to our roots in the RPG genre, and as developers from the Nordic region, to make a game in a setting that is a lot closer to home than anything we've done before”, said Jonas Wæver, Creative Director for Logic Artists.“We're improving on the Conquistador formula with deeper and more dynamic systems for character progression, combat abilities, role-playing, choice and consequence, and expanding on our favorite part of Conquistador: camping and wilderness survival”.

    Expeditions: Viking is a Historically-themed RPG set in the Viking Age. As the new leader of a humble clan of farmers and fighters players must adventure into the unknown lands to the west to raid and/or trade their way to wealth, fame and glory. Will you rewrite history as a peaceful and benevolent trader? Or pave your road to Valhalla with the treasures and bones of your fallen enemies? Experience choice and consequence as never before in the much awaited addition to the Expeditions Series, Expeditions: Viking.

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    Arata chiar misto. Si mai misto daca urmaresti cumva si Vikings
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    EV pls dont suck pls dont suck

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