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Thread: ELEX

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    waw, ce original, din nou bariera tip semisfera albastra transparenta, probabil ca de data asta nu e magica e tehnologica

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    combatul tot cam aiurea pare, desi mai putin nasol decat in Risen

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    Arata destul de slab, nu numai grafic, ma rog ca asta sa nu fie sfarsitul PB

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    Jocul arata groaznic, miscarile sunt ciudate, totul pare cam... neinspirat. Dap... probabil acesta este sfarsitul PB (desi oricum, din echipa ce a dezvoltat Gothic, nu a mai ramas decat o singura persoana).

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    dintr-un interviu in germana

    New more challenging combat, better enemy AI
    Different weapons feel really different (sword vs. axe for example)
    Many ranged weapons (Flamethrower, grenade launcher etc.)
    hand to hand combat is equally important to ranged combat
    Vertical exploration possible with Jet-Pack
    Great open world - World size is 1.5 x Gothic 3 size
    Many different landscapes, snow, desert a la Mad Max
    No loading zones
    Language still "Ruhrpott" slang
    The team has a lot of fun playing the game already
    PB likes contrasts: Fantasy vs. Post Apocalypse vs. Science Fiction, different factions are in the game
    A lot of moral choices, different endings - you decide the fate of the Elex
    Every major person in the game will react to your decisions
    Your companions have a loyalty value depending on how you play
    No auto-leveling of enemies
    Many different presets for the game difficulty
    You can join a guild
    The story has chapters
    The world reacts to your actions (for example if you have killed a person, quest-lines will change)
    New quality management -> less bugs
    No Mod-Tools
    Gothic voice-over artist again in the game
    Combat animations will be polished until the very end of development
    Some skills: lock-picking, hacking, magic, pick-pocketing, alchemy, crafting (depending on faction)
    Story & dialog = 300.000 words
    Moral system: not good vs bad - it is more do you act like a human or like a machine
    Factions have a hierarchy system again, gain levels and you can get better equipment
    Women are in the game, a relationship is possible
    Weather and day night cycle and climate zones are in the game
    Playtime: 50-80 hours
    Release: early - mid 2017
    Many new design ideas due to new setting
    Stamina bar + health bar leads to more tactical fighting (you can't jump around forever)
    There's a home-base
    Animation for drinking is back
    No mini games besides hacking and lock-picking
    You can play with one companion or alone
    No DLCs

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    Cel mai mult ma ingrozeste camera aia 360 de grade. Macar de faceau camera fixa ca in risen 1.

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    Daca citesc reteta pare ceva calumea. Mie imi place camera rotativa, ar trebui sa existe optiune pentru fiecare.

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    Mda, am urmarit tot video-ul. Fallout pe engine de Gothic 3.

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    Superb! abia astept!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrow View Post
    arata 2010, combatul in Gothic-uri e slab nu am mari sperante, sper sa castige cu atmosfera.

    La ce dezastre apar in ultimul timp, ma declar multumit daca e macar la nivelul Gothic 3. Daca il fac la scara la care se lauda, e de asteptat ca grafica o sa sufere. Nu poti sa faci un joc Open world fara loading screens cu grafica de FPS linear. Sper ca povestea si atmosfera sa fie bune.

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    La o bere cu D-zeu
    Imi place ce vad, pare sa aiba magia aia a la gothic
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    After some time spent watching and then playing Elex, an RPG by the German studio Piranha Bytes, it’s hard to believe it will be on par with Gothic.

    Sah mat din start

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