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Thread: Olivia Steer - Vaccinarea si hepatita B

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    Quote Originally Posted by meganic View Post
    oarecum on topic: 28.03.2001 - Cantastim - medicament minune impotriva cancerului si privatizarea BTT - YouTube
    nesuferitul de Tuca il intervieveaza pe Andrei Combiescu, fost director la Cantacuzino, pana pe la 13:30, despre cantastim. Ii mentioneaza pe Andrei Olinescu (care are pagina pe wiki) si pe Arthur Marx, despre care nu am gasit mare lucru.
    Pai din ce vad e tot stil Polidin: paie, fier, balega, tabla, ace de siguranta, lantul carpatic si fire de par de dac, totul dat bine prin blender si vandut ca medicament minune si, daca nu, macar ceva ce nu e .
    Doar ca asta e mai simplu, e(la propriu) distilat de glod.

    Cercetatorii lu' Ceasca au prins ei ceva-ceva cu patogeni dezactivati si ciorba de proteine, dar n-au inteles nimic din detalii. Decat poate ca trebuie ardei si smantana.
    Steer si Piersicuta avant la lettre dar cu mai mult nationalism de grota, cum ar veni.

    Quote Originally Posted by august 2017
    In paralel, se lucreaza la relansarea brandurilor Polidin si Cantastim si la reluarea liniei de fiolaj, a explicat pentru secretarul de stat in Ministerul Sanatatii, Cristian Grasu.
    Poate e totusi bine, oamenii care folosesc de astea nu sunt aia pe care ii vrei votand si pentru binele tarii trebuie sa se intoarca la speranta de viata pre 90. Hai mai repede cu linia de productie, in 2020 avem parlamentare
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    Inca o dovada ca autismul nu e de la vaccinuri (si nici de la prea mult TV/tablete&co) - cu MRI poate fi detectat de la 6 luni:

    New Tools Detect Autism Disorders Earlier in Lives - WSJ

    Using MRI-based data, Dr. Lewis and his team charted—at six months of age and again at 12 months—the length and strength of fibers connecting different regions of the babies’ brains. Shorter and stronger connections are more efficient. [...]
    His research team the tracked neural pathways of two groups of infants. One group had a sibling on the autistic spectrum—which meant the baby was at high risk of developing the disorder. The control group had no family history of autistic spectrum disorders.

    A comparison of the two groups revealed that, when analyzed as a group, the brains of 6-month-olds with an autistic sibling showed inefficiencies in the right auditory cortex, an area that processes speech sounds. By 12 months of age, certain neural areas critical for language, touch and self-awareness were also less efficient than those of the control group. “If your brain starts off not processing the sensory inputs efficiently, then it can’t do the proper pruning. It’s just passing on noise,” said Dr. Lewis.

    The study was launched seven years ago, and by the time it was complete, the researchers knew which of the high-risk infants ended up with an autism spectrum diagnosis. (Almost 17% of the high-risk group received an autism diagnosis, compared with 1.3% of the control group.) Yet they found that the biological markers of their disorder were evident at 6 months of age.

    A computer analysis of the high-risk group’s MRIs could retroactively identify which babies would ultimately show behavioral signs of autism spectrum diagnosis years later—and which babies would be unaffected. What’s more, the degree of neural inefficiency predicted how severe that child’s symptoms would be.
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