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Thread: Battlefield 4

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    Battlefield 4

    In ultima vreme e la moda ca mariile companii (Activision,EA,Ubisoft) sa lanseze jocuri pe banda rulanda.Si ne mai miram de ce ne plangem de calitatea acestora....

    Nici n-a trecut un an de la lansarea lui BF3 ca deja EA a anuntat noul titlu.
    Battlefield 4 confirmat oficial |

    Nu pot spune daca va fi continuarea lui Battlefield 3 sau daca va fi Battlefield 2143;daca povestea jocului va avea loc tot in deceniul prezent sau in viitorul indepartat al secolului XXII.

    Cert e ca in toamna lui 2013 vom testa versiunea BETA.Preferabil ar fi sa-l lanseze in 2014.

    P.S.: hai cu razboiul MW4 vs BF4,sa vedem daca aveti curaj si pe forum sa faceti "comentariile de calitate" ca pe site la stirea anului cu cele mai multe comentarii
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    mai bine fara flame

    Battlefield 4 Beta

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    Ati uitat un detaliu foarte important .
    The Battlefield 4 beta will take place in “fall 2013.” EA added: “Additional details regarding Battlefield 4 will be revealed at a later date.”
    The timing appears to suggest the game will ship in late 2013: the expected launch timing for next-gen consoles.

    Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, described the pairing of Battlefield and Medal of Honor as “a one-two punch of action, intensity and shooter entertainment.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by vishi View Post
    Nu, nu spun asa ceva. Spun doar ca jocurile sunt mai bine " scrise" pentru console.
    Ca optimizare? Apoi asta-i altă treabă şi diferă de la un joc la altul. BF 3 arată totuşi al naibii de bine, chiar dacă s-au concentrat asupra sa abia la început.

    Quote Originally Posted by s0what View Post
    Ati uitat un detaliu foarte important .
    Yep, probabil mai întâi va ieşi BC 3 şi abia apoi BF 4. Nu prea au cum să-l scoată pe consolele actuale căci rămân la acelaşi număr de jucători, fapt ce le cam dă bătăi de cap.

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    'Lastly, Tornay listed off several potential Battlefield 4 features that he said EA recognizes there is a "serious desire for." These include a better Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, a battle recorder, spectator mode, and "more robust" eSports support.'

    Nu prea cred asta,dar cine stie.

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    Astea puteau sa le introduca si in BF3.Dar poate ca scot un BF3 cu elementele de mai sus si il numesc BF4.In cazul Fifa suntem obisnuiti deja.

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    va fi mai accesibil, pentru a atrage şi jucătorii de Call of Duty
    Mai accesibil de atat insemnand ce, 64/64 intr-o camera de 10/10m?

    Si aia cu 80% din puterea Frostbyte 2 mi se pare... hazlie.

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    There are the suspected Chinese American EA employees yesterday broke the news on a domestic Internet, that they participated in the internal EA's "Battlefield 4" conference "Battlefield 4" Alpha version of the conference to show initial anonymity staff Battlefield 4 "the first batch of a large number of details leaked to the low-key domestic players. Of course, the employee also said players can also choose not to believe this broke the news, but today, a year after the gravedigger, to the time at a glance the true and false.

    Xiaobian here can not be 100% to ensure the accuracy of the information, we had an idea to take a look at the large number of employees broke the news!

    Game Release landing platform information:
    1. "Battlefield 4" release date tentative October 23, 2013.
    2 Battlefield 4 "R & D projects just to start soon, the development cycle is only about 1 year.
    3. "Battlefield 4" will visit the PC, PS3, XBOX360, as well as the next generation of host PS4, and XBOX720 (let's call it!), Yes, the work will also visit the PC, the era of the host as well as next-generation consoles, domineering, right?
    4. "Battlefield 4" so short-cycle development, sale with the next generation of the host on sale in time for 13 years is closely related to the first episode this make you want to grab the next generation of consoles.

    Game system information:

    . Commander system officially regression, and log in directly through the peripheral, such as the iPAD specific implementation method temporarily unknown, but can be determined definitely can exist out of the game running body.
    The game automatically login required throughout the network, support for cloud storage archive.
    3. Started friendliness will once again raise to the players to take care of COD.
    4. Support the Somatosensory with voice commands, voice commands for Commander system.
    5. Combat log (Battlelog) will be further strengthened, and the integration of game statistics will be more perfect.
    Game support video recording function (this uncertainty, the employees get distracted, not carefully hear!), But will certainly support video sharing, you can play good video directly through battlelog Send to a friend.
    The game may be built-in store system, sold like items of DLC.

    Game ontology content:

    Game camp was expanded to three, including the United States, Russia and China, that's right, that is, in Battlefield 2!
    2 game characters will be introduced for the first time the gender system, the female official arrival! Line and shot more interesting, is not it? The PS employees at the same time revealed that China's female looks a bit like a stick country next door, it is very tragedy!
    3 game engine is still frost 2.0, not many new technologies, mainly tessellation, dynamic lighting, and light.
    Three major platforms including PC PS4 and XBOX720 will support both 64 ** Battle, but XBOX360 and PS3 platforms will not support the number of so many people, the exact number is unknown.
    5.PC, PS4 and XBOX720 platforms will provide a stable 60 gaming experience (PC depending on configuration, fever may reach over 100, the Xiaobian hanging wire machine it 10 may). % D0 K! C0 P $ P0 @
    6. Early demo video of the game already show EA internal conference on the screen can be achieved at least show the extent of Battlefield 3 in the the 2011 GDC Assembly on (here literacy, EA officially released "Battlefield 3" actual original official presentation version of the emasculated version).
    7. "Battlefield 4" will play 80% of the power of frost 2 engine, Battlefield 3 "is only 30% -40%.
    8. "Battlefield 4" background set is still modern, this earlier EA official has confirmed.

    In addition, the staff also revealed "Battlefield 3" last DLC "finality (End Game)" Some new details:
    1. Added four new maps, actually may just be the old map revision.
    2 new air war mode, similar to the Armored Fury Battle City / armor advantage mode.
    3 new Double prevention and control vehicles and two-wheeled motorcycles and other vehicles.
    4. Increase in new jobs and new achievements.
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    Au confirmat ca o sa apara, insa nu au inceput sa lucreze la el.Uitati-va pe site-ul Battlefield.

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    John R. ,EA exec. a declarat ca peste 90 de zile vom afla noutati despre Bf4.

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    O sa fie cu submarine fratzica, faci spam cu torpile si mine sau cu rachete balistice/de croaziera ?
    "You want me to fly in the back of a little tiny fighter aircraft with a crazy fighter pilot who thinks he's invincible, home in on a SAM site in North Vietnam, and shoot it before it shoots me, you gotta be shitting me!"
    - Captain Jack Donovan

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    BATTLEFIELD 4 TEASER TRAILER - Sea Tank Warfare - YouTube acum l-au redenumit sea tank warfare. Deci e clar, lupte in apa vom avea ), submarine probabil.

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    Nu e frate nici un submarin ce draq,e portavion ala,uita-te mai bine sa vezi cum e pozitionata elicea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0x10c View Post
    Nu e frate nici un submarin ce draq,e portavion ala,uita-te mai bine sa vezi cum e pozitionata elicea.
    Ok, dar inseamna ca totusi vor fi ceva lupte pe apa ca nu ziceau Sea tank warfare degeaba... zic si eu..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan2212 View Post
    Ok, dar inseamna ca totusi vor fi ceva lupte pe apa ca nu ziceau Sea tank warfare degeaba... zic si eu..
    ce sea tank tot visati ma. video ala cu "sea tank" e pus de mongol cum dracu l-o chema. Pe canalul OFICIAL al BF nu exista nici un sea tank, jesus. Este doar Sea teaser, si mai este Land teaser. si atat. nici nu sea tank, mongol ala e un distrus disperat dupa view-uri.

    tot mai mult am impresia ca va fi un Battlefield 3.5. Adica prea diferit nu are cum sa fie fata de 3. gameplay si graphic wise.

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