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Thread: Guild Wars 2 - Tips, Tricks & other cool stuff

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    Guild Wars 2 - Tips, Tricks & other cool stuff

    Pt cei care vor mult spatiu in inventar se pare ca formula de jos e f tare:

    I'll be using GBP as the pricing for this, simply because I know exactly how much the game costs etc. It might be different from the US, but I doubt it's different in any statistical way.
    So, right. The game costs £49.99 directly from Arenanet. (The cheapest I've found is about £35~, which affects these figures significantly, but let's keep the pricing internal for now.)
    800 gems are £8.50.
    A bank slot is 600 gems.
    A character slot is 800 gems.

    Therefore. 5 character slots and a bank slot is 4600. That's £48.75. However, the minimum you can purchase gems in is 800 so it comes up to a total purchase of £51. The game itself is £49.99. That means it costs £1 to get the exact same cost as buying a new game directly from Arenanet.
    5 character slots and a bank slot is £51.
    A full account is £49.99.


    Vrei muzica ta in game ?

    Let me open up with a quote from Jim Boer (Arenanet Employee) about this.
    No matter how fantastic a game’s music is, when you hear the same music for the thousandth time, you start wanting to change things up a bit. Many players will simply turn the game music off and play their own collections. The problem is that an external music player has no context as to what’s going on in-game. Guild Wars 2 will offer a solution for this as well. We’re giving players the option of choosing external music playlists that the game’s audio engine will use as a replacement for the default in-game music. Players can choose different playlists for background ambience and battle music, for instance. Additionally, when appropriate, such as during cinematics, the game can revert back to in-game music temporarily to give the best possible cinematic experience, then resume the custom playlist when it’s done. Did you know you can replace the (awesome) music in the game and substitute it with your own? -Jim Boer
    This a feature in the game that in my opinion does not recieve enough recognition.
    Here's how you do it:
    Go to you documents folder -> Guild Wars 2 -> Music.
    Create a playlist using your favorite media player.
    The music files have to be in a format that FMOD supports by default: .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .wav, .aiff, .mid, .it etc.
    The playlist formats that are supported are: .wpl, .m3u, .pls, .asx, and .wax
    To play your playlists you have to give it a specific name. The playlist names that are currently recognized by the game are:

    • Ambient
    • Battle
    • Underwater
    • City
    • MainMenu
    • NightTime
    • Crafting
    • BossBattle

    So if you have a playlist in the Guild Wars 2 Music folder called 'City', this playlist will start to play when you are in Hoelsbrak! Awesome!
    Hope this little guide helps you!
    Please enjoy!

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    Uuuuuuuu , fain de tot, o sa fac o lista cu piese Rammstein cand merg in Black Citadel.

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    As thief use Ink Shot - Skills - Guild Wars 2 Database while aiming in the air, sometime you'll shadowsteps 10/11meters up. It maybe could be usefull for exploration, or climbing some edges.

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    Ala e skill underwater.
    Foloseste codul KBGTJAAJ pentru discount la cumparaturile de pe Pcgarage.

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    Cum fac bani in GW2? Am ajuns la 80 si am vandut toate materialele pe care le aveam. 8G cu care am cumparat manualul de 2G si 3 bucati de armura. COF are armura cu condition, power, vitality si as putea farma dungeonul dar nu cred sa il fac mai mult de 2-3 ori pe saptamana (ma plictisesc repede de PVE). Alta varianta ar fi WvW dar nu stiu cat de repede pot sa strang badge-uri ca sa pot cumpara gear exotic (pare varianta buna pentru ca intentia e sa joc WvW). Sfaturi?
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    DarkLand? think so yah
    Cu 1 singur char

    -dungeons 3 paths /zi ( din alea scurte de 15-max 30 de min)> 1-1.5 g
    -adunat ori +wood + gems -> 1.5-2g( daca ai noroc de rubys)
    -wvw 2-3 ore >1-1.5g

    Total 3.5-5 gold in 4-5 ore /zi

    Daca ai mai multe chars de 80 doar aduni ori/wood .. eu scot din gathering cu 3 chars, care imi ia cam 1 ora , in jur de 4g+/zi
    Pentru cine nu e maniac cu legendarele 3-4g/zi ii ajung sa isi faca de cap in orice fel. Eu cam ii sparg in mai multi alts( vreau sa duc toate clasele la 80 ) + upgrade la keeps in wvw.
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    Cum sa vb in WvW cu factiunea diferita. Right click enemy > Report > check id> readid.1234 > close window > /w enemyid DIEEE BITCH DIEEEE!!!

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