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    Quote Originally Posted by ChidoSir View Post
    pentru inca o saptamana
    Nee.e batran de acum.poate poe 2 o sa incerce

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    ce ma liga asta o sa se fumeze rpd ca o sa fie beta pt 3.0. sa-mi povestiti si din beta

    You guys seem to love my South Park crossovers (Bonus in comments) : pathofexile
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    Why Path of Exile Doesn't Make Sense. - YouTube

    I'm very happy to announce that this Sunday 26/2 @ 19:00 +1GMT Mors and I will be having our first live podcast.

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    Completare de la karv

    Quote Originally Posted by karv

    TLDR: GGG please add cast times to skills that have them. Maybe even allow us to hold ALT to see all "hidden" tags for the gems? Shouldn't confuse new players.
    There is so many random things that aren't worded clearly or are missing information on the skill gem that it gets really rough to try to explain/help people.
    A prime example of this is the discussion/PSA not too long about movement abilities (whirling blades, leapslam, shield charge to be specific) and how weapons APS doesn't actually matter at all for them, even though they're attacks (An attack scales it's speed based on how fast the weapon hits, right?!). And that is because they have set cast time, like spells. And for a long time a lot of people were using weapons like ambusher for their crit caster builds as it has the highest base attacks per second, even though kris' are better with their higher implicit global crit.

    However, local Increased Attack Speed in your weapon does increase the speed of the said skills. (sure, global from Prismatic Eclipse works too).
    Oh, and it's a more multiplier to your whirl/leap/charge speed, so 15% IAS on weapon is more than 15% IAS on your skilltree.

    EDIT /u/TarkeCat Good informative video.
    Btw, Fire Trap surely won't work with Added Fire, right? Well..

    EDIT 2 The example of the fire trap is to show that you can add components to skills that normally wouldn't benefit from specific supports. Another example is how you can use Inc/Conc AoE with SRS while they're linked with Melee Splash, however Conc doesn't actually increase the hit damage as the hit is not "Area Damage". It'll increase the damage in the splash area around the target being hit, though.

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    me spamming again

    10/10 fresh video guides for new players, including 2.6 Path of Exile: Legacy League Guide

    Engineering Eternity
    - YouTube

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    Queue 24416..have fun boyz

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    On an island.

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    [SSF LSC]video Hanarashi drop

    the only thing missing are cherry blossoms instead of whatever that is there flying across the screen. Nonetheless very emotional scene, probably the best anime this season 10/10

    + this post


    I don't think 3.0 is making Path of Exile feel "full" or fuller.
    3.0 makes PoE feel "newer" to me.
    Would any of us, who were around for 1.0 or 2.0, honestly say we didn't get (more than) a full game's worth from Path of Exile in the past? That sounds greedy at best, entirely pretentious and spoiled at worst. What even defines a full or finished game for the iterative online model?
    1.0 and 2.0 both had grand finales. While open-ended, the stories did have adequate endings to them. They weren't testing grounds for 3.0 content, they were proper games in their own right.
    We have just played 2.0 over and over for a long time now and are ready for something super-duper-extra new. Legacy League isn't an end or like an end to a beta, it's a good bye to 2.0.

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    Care jucati pe SFF?

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    (unethical) lvl 94 pe Legacy HC - am batut Phoenix guardian la primul meet up ever

    insa din 5 uul netol domains am ratat timerul la 2 + singura chayula (rip 90c) .

    Chaos animator. sabie de 500c, jewel de 250c, gems toate 20-20% uneori 21-20. se simte un pic limita de 50 de weapons dar nu joc 100% optim (convocation folosit prea putin). batran )

    challenges & rewards sux big time in legacy. cred ca puteam sa sar liga linistit. ma duc cat ma tine valul dar sunt plictisit.

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    Am facut si eu un Juggernaut, lvl 62 SSF Hardcore dar desi am laudat jocul ca pare mult schimbat fata de acum multi ani si la fluiditate si gameplay... am observat o chestie aiurea, ma cam plictisesc si in nici un caz nu pot juca in sesiuni cum joc in diablo 3 de 5 - 10 ore, cel putin la inceputul sezonului. Cred ca Greater Rift Leaderboard este o chestie prea tare de inca imi place asa mult. Stiu ca si POE are leaderboard de lvl dar aia e o chestie invechita nu ma mai atrage.

    Quote Originally Posted by ithanium2 View Post
    Care jucati pe SFF?
    eu joc cu un cyclone Marauder / Juggernaut, am gasit facebreaker pe la lvl 30

    Scopul meu in POE e cand mor sa ma vad pe global chat si sa strige toti GG / Riperini / get rekt...
    Season 4 :

    Homepage ~ Youtube Channel

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    poe trage mai mult spre mmo (si timesink ) In 2.6 au bagat niste challenges annoying ca sa tina lumea mai mult dar nici asa nu reusesc. Toti se gandesc la 10 acts.

    faza e ca in D3 ”competitia” e aproape inexistenta. E mort

    Eu in 2.6 am jucat no life si din prima ora. La level 94 eram doar pe locul 250 pe LHC. Au avut 150k concurrent players, ma astept sa fie de doua ori mai multi la 3.0.
    Si eu m-as plictisi dar la inceput de ligi ascult streamerii clasici in timp ce joc.

    Ce ar trebui sa te motiveze e sa iti vezi buildul functional 100%. Ceea ce se intampla dupa toate labs (sau fara uber sa zicem)+ levelul sa fie 75.
    Si de ex sa iti propui sa bati un guardian din cei patru (chiar sunt annoying).

    La fel, poti face min max la greu. In D3 nu mai ai ce imbunatatiri sa aduci caracterului de la un moment dat. In PoE te costa timp si currency sa iti faci gems level 21 cu 20% quality, empowers de lvl 4, 6 link samd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capcaunu View Post
    faza e ca in D3 ”competitia” e aproape inexistenta. E mort
    Nu este inexistenta merge foarte bine la inceput de sezon dar scapa de sub control pe la sfarsitul sezonului din cauza paragonului facut de niste idioti. Am fost rank 3 pe Hardcore cu barbarul sezonul trecut la numai 1300 paragon in fata mea fiind doi cu 1900 2400+ paragon si tu imi spui mie ca nu se simtea competitia . M-am simtit asa de bine ca eram cel mai mic paragon in primele 6 7 rankuri ba mai mult eram sa le-o trag si alora de le rank 1 si 2 dar nu m-a lasat serviciul. Cum sa spui ca nu e competitie.

    Nu se simte competitia pe softcore ca acolo orice crapat in fund care joaca de doua ori mai mult ca tine te poate lua in rank din cauza ca sunt acceptate greselile. Rinse and Repeat !
    Season 4 :

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    pai imi zici de 3 (!) oameni, eu iti zic ca abia am prins top 250 dupa ce am jucat 12ore+ pe zi ( e drept ca nu am riscat f mult cu map mods)

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    tu imi vorbesti de lvl leaderboards man cum ar fi sa vorbesc eu de paragon leaderboards care nu exista ( ciudat ca totul se invarte in jurul paragonului )

    exemplul clar ti l-am dat cu diferentele intre paragon ~ game play time
    Eu care am jucat de aproape doua ori mai putin I-am facut pe unii praf si era sa ii bat si pe aia de pe rank 1 2, folosind skilul ofc deci competitive e insa nu poti vedea decat pe hardcore asa ceva din cauza ca pe softcore nu exista penalitati pentru prostie. Leaderboardul nu are 3 oameni are 1000! aia 3 sunt doar primii 3

    MAn nu am venit iar sa deschidem discutia diablo vs poe a fost doar o chestie ce am observant-o. Deci in POE eu nu cred ca am 50 ore de joc iar in diablo am 8000+ si chiar s iacum mi se pare distractive la maxim inceputul de sezon si leaderboards iar in POE deja vad urme de plictiseala.
    Season 4 :

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    ok ok

    mie SSF mi se pare snoozefest. In poe joci stashul si nu characterul. In general al doilea char faci un build scump.

    Oricum sunt mega bored, l-am lasat dupa 10 zile. Vedem ce e in vara cu ten acts. Am impresia ca e total diferit.
    Cyclone a fost nerfuit inainte de 2.6

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    Dec ice spui tu e ca e mai misto, mai interesant sa dai copy paste la builds facute de altii in loc sa iti faci tu propriul build in functie de ce gasesti ?
    Faza cu stashul e tare dar na fiecaruia ce ii place. Tu probabil esti printre cei care iubeau Auction House in diablo 3 si nu jocul in sine. Asa este in ARPG lootul e "main dish" dar sa transormi jocul intr-un trade center e cam aiurea

    Ma descur ok cu cyclone, problema e 1 hitters, mi-o pot fura rapid
    Season 4 :

    Homepage ~ Youtube Channel

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    nu neaparat dar eu vreau sa joc poe mai putin, nu mai mult. SSF ar insemna + 2 saptamani/liga. pt mine e neinteresant. vreau sesiuni mai concentrate si sa ma las asap dupa ce imi fac damblaua

    n-as suporta sa vand la npc vendors mai tot ce pica doar ca sa fac rost de orbs pentru a rula hartile. zzz

    Cele mai periculoase chestii lately sunt Essence mobs cu volatile si bilele cu lighting de la Esh breaches (pt care ar merita sa ai permanent o potiune cu shock immunity)

    macar trage sa vezi daca iti place end game (T11+ maps). pt mine ala e punctul forte (i hate leveling)
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    aveti grija baieti ca sunteti inscenati

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