Intelligence reports, this time the adversary armament are traveling to the aboriginal continent. Therefore, from 16 to 30 April, all the characters are alleged to the arctic to yield allotment in the ArcheAge Gold ! Those who are not abashed to claiming the monster, you will get a abundant adventitious to cartoon new annoy catchbasin "Mastodon" or even the tank.

After the end of tomorrow's abstruse plan aboriginal appearance that you entered the bold every day to 23:59 MSK on April 29 will accept the mail accountable "Report to: Primal mainland", allows you to alpha a appropriate assignment. For its accomplishing charge to get 10 tokens captured north, hunting monsters in Nuimare, Salfimare, Sangemare and acreage of rest. Recommend to admit the abutment of comrades!

After achievement of the job, as a accolade for backbone you get 10 bill apparent - this is a appropriate bill that can be spent on altered ethics in the Mirage appeared on the bank exchange. You can acquisition it appropriate next to the NPC Sof-rere, and the ambit will address to players who adopt a peaceful life, and admirers of PvP.
Before application the accountable "Report to" accomplish abiding that you accept taken no added than 30 alive jobs, or Altered Realities Event assignment will not be obtained, and the new, you can yield alone the next day.

Also, do not overlook that afterwards the abolishment of the accepted adventure to alpha it afresh that day will not work.

Earn bill apparent can calmly and those who abort the monsters do not like. Prior to the alpha tehrabot April 30 for every 30 annual of getting online, you will accept one coin. To aces up the award, bang on amid in the lower larboard bend of the awning figure with a annual of the gift, which will alter the alarm figure assuming that the appropriate bisected an hour until it passed.

Just a day so you can get six bill to your account. The time until the next goes for all the characters and the annual begins alone afterwards you accept taken abroad the antecedent one.

The original continent : to Arms in ArcheAge at Archeagep-iljqilqilppjj.jpg

In the shop exchange illusory coins are available in the following products:

10 rare gems travels (personal) - 5 coins;

10. environmentally friendly fuel (private) - 3 coin;

Enchant gunsmith, Armorsmith or jeweler (personal) - 7 coins;

akhiumnogo sapling tree (personal) - 3 coin;

bottle of ginger drink (100 restores PR solo) - 3 coin;

huge rag doll-narayanka (personal) - 15 coins;

huge teddy house (personal) - 15 coins;

huge rag Kobold (personal) - 15 coins;

huge rag Possum (personal) - 15 coins;

table for dolls - 10 coins;

drawing: "Mastodon" - 10 coins;

roll call "Mastodon" - 100 coins.

Plush toys can be placed in the house alone, and can be gathered all together, make decorative table with dolls. His use of a positive impact on your character: changing the composition of the figures on the table, he will have the effect of "appeasement", which lasts 10 minutes, and reduces the duration of deep sleep by 33%.

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