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Thread: Butterfly Effect

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    Butterfly Effect

    In 1827 Joseph Smith (care se ocupa printre altele si cu cautarea de comori) intalneste un inger care ii da niste tablete de aur cu hieroglife pe ele. Nu lasa pe nimeni altcineva sa le vada, dar le traduce cu ajutorul unor "seer stones", si dicteaza "Cartea lui Mormon", care infiinteaza religia mormonilor. Superstitiosii care il ajuta la transcriere cauta tabletele dar Smith spune ca nu are nevoie de ele ca sa dicteze, spune ca sunt ascunse in padure. Ingerul revine si ia inapoi tabletele dupa ce Joseph Smith termina de dictat cartea

    Early life of Joseph Smith - Wikipedia

    Ce a ramas din toata povestea asta e - religia mormonilor. Care mormoni ajung sa fie destul de multi si de convinsi incat 70000 dintre se organizeaza si pleaca intr-o excursie in desert condusi de un profet, si infiinteaza Salt Lake City in 1847

    Salt Lake City - Wikipedia
    The journey was taken by about 70,000 people beginning with advance parties sent out by church leaders in March 1846
    In 1857, alti mormoni, de prin sudul Utah masacreaza 140 de calatori cu carutele care le traversau teritoriul, dupa ce initial le spusesera ca pot sa treaca. Masacrul a avut loc in timpul conflictului numit "Utah war", cand mormonii erau speriati ca vor fi invadati de armata SUA.

    Mountain Meadows massacre - Wikipedia
    On Friday, September 11, 1857, two militiamen approached the Baker–Fancher party wagons with a white flag and were soon followed by Indian Agent and militia officer John D. Lee. Lee told the battle-weary emigrants that he had negotiated a truce with the Paiutes, whereby they could be escorted safely the 36 miles (58 km) back to Cedar City under Mormon protection in exchange for turning all of their livestock and supplies over to the Native Americans.[14] Accepting this, the emigrants were led out of their fortification. The adult men were separated from the women and children. The men were paired with a militia escort. When a signal was given, the militiamen turned and shot the male members of the Baker–Fancher party standing by their side. The women and children were then ambushed and killed by more militia that were hiding in nearby bushes and ravines. Members of the militia were sworn to secrecy. A plan was set to blame the massacre on the Native Americans.
    Ce se intelege: probabil ca intr-o zi in copilarie Joseph Smith citeste o poveste despre pirati si comori ingropate:
    Joseph Smith and the criminal justice system - Wikipedia

    Apoi infiinteaza o companie de cautatori de comori, si pana la urma o religie, si dupa 30 de ani 140 de pionieri care traversau America sunt omorati de catre adeptii religiei, speriati ca acei pionieri venisera sa ii invadeze. Se vede deci "Butterfly effect" in actiune. Care insa are nevoie de conditii prielnice ca sa se desfasoare - in acest caz o mare adunatura de "oameni de la tara" sa zicem, plus niste lideri luminati gen Brigham Young care sa ii invete calea. Calea de a avea 55 de neveste...

    The Mountain Meadows massacre was caused in part by events relating to the Utah War, an 1858 invasion of the Utah Territory by the United States Army which ended up being peaceful. In the summer of 1857, however, Mormons experienced a wave of war hysteria, expecting an all-out invasion of apocalyptic significance. From July to September 1857, Mormon leaders prepared Mormons for a seven-year siege predicted by Brigham Young. Mormons were to stockpile grain, and were prevented from selling grain to emigrants for use as cattle feed. As far-off Mormon colonies retreated, Parowan and Cedar City became isolated and vulnerable outposts. Brigham Young sought to enlist the help of Indian tribes in fighting the "Americans", encouraging them to steal cattle from emigrant trains, and to join Mormons in fighting the approaching army.

    In August 1857, Mormon apostle George A. Smith, of Parowan, set out on a tour of southern Utah, instructing Mormons to stockpile grain. Scholars have asserted that Smith's tour, speeches, and personal actions contributed to the fear and tension in these communities, and influenced the decision to attack and destroy the Baker–Fancher emigrant train near Mountain Meadows, Utah. He met with many of the eventual participants in the massacre, including W. H. Dame, Isaac Haight, and John D. Lee. He noted that the militia was organized and ready to fight, and that some of them were anxious to "fight and take vengeance for the cruelties that had been inflicted upon us in the States"
    Masacrul a fost cunoscut public abia in 1870 si atunci doar liderul principal a fost judecat si executat.
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