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Thread: K-1/mma

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdy View Post
    Sunt convins ca si-a invatat lectia si nu va mai face inca o data aceeasi greseala .

    Daca isi invata lectia isi cerea scuze dupa meci, dadea vina pe ceva si el, retragea injuriile de genul: "ur momma!", "u faggot!", etc.

    "I am not a man of words. But I respect the power of words, for that is what transformed me. The words of the Sith Code. Others had heard them, contemplated them, and so on. But I understood them, and they changed me. For what was I before I heard those words? Nothing."

    Darth Bane, Dark Lord of the Sith

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    Oricum organizatorii au ales un arbitru potrivit pentru finala Nobuaki Kakuda the old samurai aproape la 50 de ani singuru capabil sa-l opreasca si inlature pe Hari atat de rapid din actiunea aia stradala

    [ame=""]YouTube - Joe Son vs Nobuaki Kakuda[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Andy Hug VS Nobuaki Kakuda K-1 World GP 1993[/ame]

    Respect for this old legend referee
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails K-1/mma-kakudaht1.png  
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    [ame=]YouTube - K-1 World GP 2007 Hong Kong Badr Hari vs. Peter Graham[/ame]

    Things about respect si un super ko care l-a trimis pe Hari pe targa

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    La ce lovituri este obisnuit Remy sa incaseze in K1 mi se pare imposibil sa fie asa afectat dupa impingerea aia cu piciorul (nu pot sa-i spun lovitura). In plus, l-am vazut ca se tinea destul de bine pe picioare la final, nu parea un om care a primit o lovitura dura la cap.

    A castigat conform regulamentului, nimic de zis, dar s-a cam ascuns in spatele gestului nesportiv al lui Hari.

    Ma gandesc ce ar fi facut Le Banner in locul lui Remy...
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    Interviul este facut inainte de finala!

    Sem Schilt is angry. The three time K1 champion will be sitting at home this Saturday when the K1 Final is being held in Japan. The organization doesn't want the 2.12m Drent (Dutch province) to attend.
    Why aren't you there this Saturday?
    "That's a mystery for me as well. In the final elimination, I didn't lose to Peter Aerts, I lost from the judges. Sure, I could've done more, but there should at least have been an extra round. "

    You're not even in one the reserve fights.
    "They've eliminated me from the tournament and don't want to give a reserve spot. I understand though: the Japanese want a new champion and they've done everything to stop me from getting into the tournament as a reserve fighter. This confirms the fact that they see me as a great champion, but it in sportsmanlike terms it's nonsense."

    Do you feel ripped?
    "Yes, of course. The K1 Final without me is like the soccer World Championship without Brazil or the Tour the France without Lance Armstrong. That's how I feel about it. It's a bitter pill to swallow."

    And now what?
    "I've always seen K1 as sport, never as work. But that has changed now. It's turns out to be too commercial. The organization thinks money is more important than the sport itself. Maybe they just ought to give me a big bag of money, perhaps then I will keep my mouth shut about the whole thing."

    Will you be there in the Yokohama Arena?
    "They haven't even invited me to Japan as the reigning champion. They don't want me there, because they are afraid that too many journalist will start asking me all sorts of questions concerning the situation."

    Who do you think will be your successor?
    "I have to admit it's a very close tournament with me not competing this time. The field is open to any of them. The K1 organization has done a great job in that, but again in sportsmanlike terms it's a disillusion that I'm not even there. If I have to name someone, I'd go for Errol Zimmerman. He's young and new and therefore very eager. That's important."

    Will you be going for your fourth title next year?
    "I don't know yet. It all hangs on a very thin wire. I have to admit the fun is starting to disappear for me this way. Maybe I'll go in a different direction, MMA for instance. I don't know if I'll even get the chance to get back in K1. At the moment they'd rather get rid of me than have me fighting. "

    Do you still like K1 after all of this?
    "Yes, that feeling still remains. The fans are who make it a great for me and of course the sport itself. It's a game which fits me very well. A man-to-man fight involving punching and kicking. You know exactly what is allowed and what not. It's a very straightforward, fair and honest sport. As long as there aren't other interests involved..."
    Interesant,sper sa nu faca o asemenea gresala cu MMA-ul

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogrado View Post

    Ma gandesc ce ar fi facut Le Banner in locul lui Remy...
    Se accidenta, sau se enerva, isi pierdea cumpatul...oricum nu ar fi castigat.

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    Le Banner ar trebui lasat deoparte si luat in brate Abidi.

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    Chiar daca nu prea are sanse in fata lui Hari ,va fi un must-see show ! prin februarie din cate am inteles o sa fie fightul.

    (Commentator) Kimbo Slice

    Q: What is your impression of K-1?

    A: I want to thank everyone for being here. It is my first time in Japan. I don’t understand the language. The people are very kind, and the food is good. I’m really enjoying it.

    Q: And how about K-1?

    A: It is very interesting. It is different to how I fight, but some things are being considered.

    Q: Were there any fighters here tonight that caught your attention?

    A: I was a little bit, well, not disappointed, but Bard Hari is a real fighter. A fighter by profession, and by nature. K-1 is a respectful organization though, so I give him a yellow card too. A bit of a slap on the hand so to speak. But you have to love him for being that true fighter. The bad guy.

    Q: Do you feel that K-1 would play towards your natural strengths more than MMA?

    A: K-1 would be a good thing as it is stand up, which is more one-dimensional so it is good. There is no ground game to deal with, but then you add knees and some other strikes and yeah, it is interesting. I think with my natural strengths I would do well in K-1.

    Q: Would you be interested in fighting Badr Hari?

    A: (Laughs) Whoever the opponent is would be OK. As a fighter I don’t really worry about who I fight. If the match-makers made that fight, it would be good for me. I have seen how he fights now, and I just love fighting. I really love everything about fighting.
    [ame=]YouTube - Kimbo Slice Trains with Bas Rutten to fight Tank Abbot[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kimbo Slice - the Heart of a Lion[/ame]

    Omul poate deveni un future-image gen Sapp. mancator de bani si publicitate in caz ca nu reuseste mare lucru insa mie mi-e simpatic si pare cu capu pe umeri in ciuda faptului ca e the bad buy street fighter
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    Ce caterinca, maimutoiul asta n-o sa stie de unde-i vin picioarele in cap

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    " Maimutoiul " asta va fi o supriza placuta in K1 . In nici un caz nu cred ca va fi carne de tun si nici nu cred ca se va face de ras precum Bob Sapp . I-am urmarit luptele de strada pe youtube si pot spune ca va fi o nuca tare pentru orice luptator consacrat din K1 .
    Tacuri de biliard de vanzare mcdermott , predator , viking , lucasi , schon , pechauer etc . ( click pe casuta )
    tel. : 0723230049
    ID mess : pasarica_mihai

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    Poate incetati cu apelativele astea de 3 lei la adresa luptatorilor de K1. Show them some respect.

    Adevaratii maimutoi sunt suporterii patimasi aka fanboy.

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    In MMA l-ar rupe pe Hari, in k1 greu de zis. Cica maimutoi...

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    nu stiu cum da Kimbo cu picioarele insa ce-i lipseste cu adevarat in momentul de fata este explozia atacului. In rest le cam are pe toate...chiar daca nu da cu piciorul.

    PS: pare mai agresiv ca Hari.

    PS2: sunt sigur ca putea sa intre oricand intr-un meci de K1 insa isi da seama in ce intra si stie ca are nevoie sa fie slefuit cu adevarat pt a face o impresie buna...doar daca nu-si doreste aceeasi soarta ca a lui Bob Sapp. Cred ca in viitor o sa-l vedem si-n niste filme pe Kimbo...ceea ce-ar fi f frumos.

    PS3: traiasca google si intuitia mea

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    Are picioare ingrijorator de subtiri. Prevad un TKO foarte rapid pentru Hari.

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    Pe Hari nu l-am vazut lovind puternic cu low-kick. Cu Aerts ar fi insa alta poveste. El chiar i-ar rupe picioarele.

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    Simpatici Aerts si LeBanner mai devreme pe Eurosport (la iesirea din piramida, despre finala): "Noi am fi continuat" Insa au zis si ei ca gestul lui Hari nu avea ce cauta in ring.

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    Sunt convins ca 9 din 10 a fi continuat , pacat ca s-a intamplat acel gest exact in compania gentlemanului zburator , mai corect de acum incolo ar trebui sa i se spuna mister pussy . I-a fost frica clar de KO pt ca la puncte era imposibil sa mai piarda .
    Tacuri de biliard de vanzare mcdermott , predator , viking , lucasi , schon , pechauer etc . ( click pe casuta )
    tel. : 0723230049
    ID mess : pasarica_mihai

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    birdy, nu te supara...dar ai tinut vreodata o centura de campion K1 si in cealalta mana 400.000 E ?

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    Dupa ce l-au lasat fara bani si centura, Hari ar putea veni in Romania.Daca e adevarat, pregatesc de acum pansamente pentru Ghita.
    O masca-avem, ce minte si zambeste,Ne-ascunde-obrajii, ochii ni-i umbreste -Umanei siretenii - iata ce platim:Cu inimile-n zdrente, noi zambim Noian de perfidii rostind, fireste.

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