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Thread: Filme bune in limba germana

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    Filme bune in limba germana

    Va rog sa-mi spuneti niste titluri de filme bune in care sa se vorbeasca limba germana, nu neaparat pe toata durata filmului dar macar jumatate din film Merci!

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    where the streets have no name !!!
    unu singur imi vine in minte... si mi-a si placut destul de mult

    Barfuss (2005)
    . si de la capat

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    "Descult" e misto, dar siropos si usurel. Cred ca liviuu vrea (dar nu stie ca vrea) sa vada Herzog, sau Murnberger, sau Barbara Albert, sau Tykwer, sau Doris Dörrie.

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    Das Leben der Anderen , un film foarte bun.

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    Hei, Laur are dreptate. Ocazie cu care mi-am adus si eu aminte de un alt film care povesteste despre experientele est-germanilor sub rusi, precum si despre traumele de dupa: Wolfgang Becker.

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    Aaa, ma bag si eu ca boul in seama: niste Jorg Buttgereit? niscaiva Olaf Ittenbach? un pic de Andreas Schnaas? Nu ca ultimii doi ar avea vreo valoare artistica da' se vorbeste in germana in primele lor filme.
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    Das weisse band - Life in black & white. Mostly black.
    Das Boot - War movie
    Christiane F - Teenage drug abuse
    Der Himmel uber Berlin - Artsy drama
    Chinesisches Roulette - Weird shit
    Gegen die wand - Turks in Germany
    Junimond - Romantic melodrama

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    Der Untergang , M .
    When it rains , it pours .

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    Lola rennt
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    Am vazut deja Der Untergang, Lola rennt si Das Leben der Anderen
    Am sa le incerc si pe celelalte. Merci!

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    depinde ce genuri iti plac.
    daca iti place comedy-ul nemtzesc si gusti kalkofe, bully si etc incerca >

    (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 (2004)
    Der Schuh des Manitu (2001)
    Der Wixxer (2004)

    dar trebuie sa le stii glumele cat de cat, si in niciun caz cu subtitrare ...
    There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.

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    Das Experiment (2001) Un film cel putin interesant.
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