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Thread: Software calibrare baterie notebook

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    Software calibrare baterie notebook

    Salut, poate cineva sa indice un program preferabil freeware de setare a limitelor de incarcare a bateriei pentru un notebook no-name? Dupa cum se stie toate marcile renumite au asa ceva, gen HP Battery Optimizer, care incarca si descarca bateria controlat intr-un numar de ore si recalibreaza indicatorul de baterie prin rescriere limitelor in controllerul si memoria din baterie. Caut un astfel de program care sa functioneze cu un notebook fara un nume sonor. Stie cineva sa ma ajute? Multumesc.

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    nu auzisem de asa ceva dar devin interesat. Toshiba ce are?

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    foarte interesant dar nu am auzit de asa ceva pana acuma, ceva pt Fuji-Siemens , stie careva ?

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    Nici Dell-ul nu are un astfel de program daca nu ma insel. Si pe mine m-ar tenta.

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    Ah, the power of Google cache :

    Don’t Forget to re-calibrate your Laptop Battery!
    Filed under: Fun and Random — warning9 at 1:16 am on Sunday, November 13, 2005
    Today’s Tutorial

    Well, for the past couple of months I’ve noticed that my battery life sucked! Like after 15 minutes my (less than a half year old) laptop computer kept shutting off because it claimed the battery was dead… but it wasn’t. So I did a google search and found out that it the battery in your laptop needs to be re-calibrated every once and a while. So here is what you need to do:

    Fully charge your battery

    Go to your Control Panel:
    Start->Control Panel

    Open Power Options

    On the Power Schemes drop box click on "Always On

    Click on the Alarms Tab and uncheck the low battery alarm, and the critical battery alarm

    Now unplug your adapter from your computer and leave it on until it loses power and shuts off by itself

    Do not use your computer during this process.
    (It’s been suggested that you restart it and boot into BIOS because it may be safer for when the computer loses power.)

    After it shuts off and you turn it back on make sure you go back into your Power Options (Start->Control Panel->Power Options) and click the power scheme you want. The click the alarms tab and re-tick the boxes. Your battery should be about close to normal. If it’s not then you probably need a new one. But my battery has the life it’s supposed to and I am very happy :-D I’m

    I’m not sure how much your supposed to do this, but I’m sure every three months would be a good time period.

    Ah, sau un alt link, ce contine si comentariile la articol:

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    Nu cred ca exista asa ceva ..... ptr laptopurile sau defapt ptr bateriile care nu au un cip special in baterie.

    Eu am avut un IBM T43 care avea treaba asta....
    Avea in bios ( dar si in utilitarele lui mizere) un soft care facea un ciclul de 1-2 incarcari/goliri..... si apoi imi seta limitele corect.

    Acum am un Toshiba Sattelite m30 si nu are asa ceva..... si nici nu cred ca exista un astfel de soft ptr lap-urile noastre
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    Vechiul meu Lifebook C1020 avea asa ceva, apasai o tasta in timpul POST-ului si pornea un program care recalibra bateria.

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    marketing bullshit.
    am eu HP battery whatever si nu face nimic

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    Quote Originally Posted by .indie. View Post
    marketing bullshit.
    banuiam eu
    daca totusi se arata ceva de Toshiba p-aci...spuneti ca vreau sa studiez un pic

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    Batteryattery Information

    Battery ID20578SONY CorpCONIS41ManufacturerSONY CorpSerial Number20578ChemistryLIONLong Term1Design Capacity48840Last Full Charge14652

    Mie imi afiseaza bateria 100% charged....mentionez ca am sistem de operare windows 7 ultimate x 32 si eroarea "consider remplace your baterry ",venita odata cu instalarea win 7 ...
    Stie careva un remediu pentru recalibrarea bateriei ?....(Am incercat-o pe aceea cu powerplan ..dar nu a avut eficienta ....

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    ai postat si aici:
    Calibrare acumulator notebook ..

    de ce nu te rezumi la un singur thread?




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