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Thread: Internet prin LAN

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    Internet prin LAN

    Am pe un Win 2000 conectare prin dial-up. De asemenea este legat prin BNC (LAN) de un Win 98. Cum setez calculatoarele astfel incat al doilea sa poata accesa si el Interntul cand ma conectez cu primul?
    Am observat ca trebuie sa fac niste setari pe proxy insa nu stiu exact cum. Am mare nevoie de ajutor. Merci.
    Just little old me

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    Telekom - 300 - Thread
    Win 2000 Server sau Pro ?

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    Este vorba de A4 Proxy
    un program mitititel

    pui calculatorul care nu are modem sa faca ce am zis mai jos

    E5 has several Proxy settings - for LAN connections and for dial-up connections.
    The following procedure describes how to change Dial-up settings to use A4Proxy

    Select Internet Options from the Tools menu
    Click on the Connections tab
    Select the dial-up connection you are using.
    Press Settings
    Set Proxy settings: In the appropriate fields in the dialog box type the following: (address of proxy server to use) and 80 (port number). Currently supported protocols (or server types) are HTTP, Secure HTTP and FTP. Do not modify other entries. Do not select the Use the same proxy server for all protocols option
    Press OK
    Do the same for all Dial-up connections

    Copyright © iNetPrivacy Software

    si o sa mearga

    Ar mai fi si wingate insa e mai greoi si trebuie instalat ( yeah)

    ( pe ambele calculatoare )
    A Jedi's strength flows from the force

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    Merci. Lucreaza frumos. Si Win 2000 e pro insa nu cred ca pentru a4 proxy conteaza.
    Just little old me

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    I was hoping you'd tell me...
    OMFG, ai luat troian draga Silviu. Pentru asa ceva exista "Internet Connection Sharing" un tool care e continut in win2k.
    .: one liner™ :.

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    Fii mai explicit te rog.....
    Just little old me

    Jerry DHB14 - Last post

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