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Thread: Resetare parola admin router

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    Resetare parola admin router

    Am si eu un router MSI RG60SE si m-a mancat in fund sa schimb parola de admin, iar acum nu stiu cum sa o recuperez sau sa o resetez la cea standard. Am incercat cu butonul de reset de pe router, dar nu se intampla nimic.

    Are cineva idee cum sa fac sa resetez parola de admin?

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    Mai citeşte manualul. La unele routere trebuie apăsat mai mult timp butonul pt. un reset complet, de exemplu.
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    Reset RG60G (cred ca este similar procedeul) to factory Default
    There are 2 methods to reset to default.
    * Restore with RESET button
    First, turn off the router and press the RESET button in. And then, power on the router and push the RESET button
    down until the M1 and or M2 LED (or Status LED) start flashing, then remove the finger. If LED flashes about 8 times,
    the RESTORE process is completed. However, if LED flashes 2 times, repeat.
    * 2. Restore directly when the router power on
    First, push the RESET button about 5 seconds (M1 will start flashing about 5 times), remove the finger
    . The RESTORE process is completed.

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    l-am facut. eu fie apasam inate de a stinge, fie doar cand era stins, am gasit si eu in manual dupa. e ok. mersi de info




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