brat Cum setez calculatorul pt. a obtine automat IP-ul?
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Thread: Cum setez calculatorul pt. a obtine automat IP-ul?

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    Cum setez calculatorul pt. a obtine automat IP-ul?

    Sunt abonat la Clicknet de la Romtelecom. Cum fac ca sa setez placa de retea sa isi ia automat (nu manual) IP-ul ? Unde trebuie sa intru ca sa fac aceasta setare. Va rog sa-mi explicati pas cu pas. Help plz!!! Mersi anticipat!

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    Start -> Settings -> Network Connections -> Click dreapta "Local Area Connection" - Properties -> Dublu click pe "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" si in urmatoarea fereastra bifezi "Obtain an IP automatically" si la fel si la DNS.

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    Clicknet e PPPoE.
    Presupunem ca rulezi Windows XP.
    It has been said that the contents of the rules sections of most closely resemble the effect of line noise on a non-error-correcting modem. It has also been said that capturing such line noise into a text file has about as much chance of resulting in a working as does any attempt to actually edit that file.


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