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Thread: China - o noua putere mondiala

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    China names and shames more 'uncivilised tourists' on its public blacklist

    This one is good

    "Another man named punched a Japanese convenience store assistant after the assistant asked the man's wife to stop opening and eating food items in the store because the couple had not paid for them."

    "Too Loud, Too Rude": Switzerland Introduces Separate Trains for Chinese Tourists | What's on Weibo

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    Google Translate
    More translation by correcting the errors in Google translate:

    (13) To look at the high welfare system of Europe from a different angle, if a country's household debt / GDP ratio is used to measure the country's household debt burden, then take a look at this data: Switzerland is ranked first at 127.7%, Demark is ranked second at 123.6%; the Netherlands is ranked fourth at 111.3%, Norway ranked sixth at 98.9%; the UK ranked eighth at 87.6%; Sweden ranked ninth at 84.9%. This is the truth about European social welfare. So we often say that the Nordic welfare is good. It is actually because the governments let people borrowing money for consumption. (Ablium comments: He probably got data from this article. His view about the relation between the social welfare and financial game (household borrowing) is overly simplistic.)

    (The picture shows the heart of Paris: Arc de Triomphe)

    (14) We often use the words "diligent" and "sapiential" to describe Chinese people. These two words are really not an arbitrary talk. "Diligent" and "sapiential" are the two biggest features of the Chinese people. We can find opportunities in any place, can endure hardship, and are strongly self-motivated. The combination of these two features is often very lethal. Sometimes, when we take the share of others' market, envies and jealousies are inevitable, but these features are indeed our good quality.
    (Ablium's comment: I don't take his view. People from many countries including China often falsely believe the exceptionalism of their people. As I have interacted with people from many countries and understand other civilizations better, I don't believe what he said.)

    (15) Although the European economy is no longer at the leading edge, the European culture, aesthetics, and fashion are still the leader of the world. For example, a lot of famous brands of luxury products are from there, as well as fashion shows, film festivals, and so on. Their life style is still the benchmark of the middle class of developing countries. Although the housing price in Paris is about the same as the housing prices of Shanghai, they don't see that buying a home is so important. Young people do not have to buy a house and do not have to marry. If a couple like each other, they just need to go to the government to sign a contract paper and then can live together.

    (16) When I saw luxury stores in Paris were filled with the Chinese shoppers, I had a complex feeling. Our ancestors were great comparing to us now: They dug the ground, pinch the mud from the ground, and burn the mud to make porcelain. They picked some leaves and dried them. The dried leaves immersed in boiling water are called tea. The spit from the silkworm mouth after being twisted and then weaved into cloth is called silk. These readily available things were considered as treasure by the Westerners and were what upper class of the West sought after. These were the hi-tech luxury products of the ancient time. But now we come from thousand miles away to pursue the luxury products of the West.

    In the 11th century AD, Europe's largest cities such as Venice, Florence, and other cities had a population less than 10,000 people, while Kaifeng, the capital city of the Northern Song Dynasty of China, had a population of about one million. There were Bureau of Pharmacy, Bureau of Orphans, Bureau of Elder People without Dependents, Public Cemeteries, and other government sponsored welfare facilities and programs. In the 2nd century AD, China began to use paper, while Europeans wrote on sheepskin until the early 18th century.
    (Ablium comments: He made a mistake here. The technology of paper making was spread to Spain by Moors (Muslims from Northern Africa) in the 8th century AD.) China began to use paper money in the 10th century AD and Sweden issued the first paper money in Europe in 1661.

    Feng Shui rotates
    (Ablium Comment: This is a Chinese proverb, meaning that fortune and prosperity do not stay in one place forever), each leads the world for a couple of hundreds of years.

    History is cyclic. Whether for a country or for an ethnic, the fortune always move up at some time and down at other time.

    The world consists of an east and a west. They reflect each other. One falls and another rises.

    Think of better future in bad time! Be prepared for danger in time of security!

    During the Kangxi Period (1662–1723) of the Qing Dynasty, we also lived in a stable and prosperous society. We falsely believed that the Heavenly Dynasty
    (Ablium comment: It is a name that Chinese used to call their country in ancient time.) could produce every thing and was most prosperous. We adhered to the closed-door policy, disdaining and ignoring the world's tide (Ablium comment: referring to the rise of the West and Industrial Revolution) . Later the European powers opened the door of our country with gunboats.

    Today, people on the land of Europe have easy and quiescent life, but we begin to experience a series of turbulent changes. We face a lot of problems to be solved and people are agitating and restless, but this just shows that we are in a catching up and surpassing period!

    People think of change when they are poor. Change leads to prosperity. People feel secure when they are wealthy. Security leads to decline. That is the rule of the world.

    I am convinced that our generation will witness the world's most epic change. It is really important to visit other countries in one's life. We need to have a deeper understanding of the world.

    To be continued ...
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    This is the second largest city from the province where I was born. I had never visited the city before I left my home city for university study when I was 16 years old. Because China's transportation was not very developed at that time, in my old impression, the city was quite far away from my home city. Now, with the high-speed train, it is only one-hour away from my home city. The city was hosting BRICS summit a couple of days ago.
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    Initial nu am inteles de ce zice la credit "welfare", am crezut ca vrea sa zica "(high) standard of living" care e umflat artificial pentru ca europenii sunt datori vanduti, dar el il foloseste in sensul clasic de "ajutor". Am ramas pe ganduri 1 minut si m-am uitat pe pagina cealalta la 12) si apoi pe wiki la sistemul bancar chinez ca sa ma asigur de o chestie pe care o stiam deja, si cred ca am inteles unde e buba:

    Quote Originally Posted by el la paragraful 13)
    It is actually because the governments let people borrowing money for consumption
    Quote Originally Posted by el la paragraful 12)
    This high welfare not only has become the burden of the government but also the obstacles for social progress.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    China's banking industry has remained in the government's hands even though banks have gained more autonomy.
    Crede ca toate bancile apartin statului .

    LOL Gif - Charlton Heston - GIF on Imgur

    Face calcule de genul datoria pe locuinta raportata la gdp, pentru ca a vazut el pe business insider, si nu stie o chestie ca asta. In toate calatoriile lui prin toate tarile astea, uitandu-se la cladiri prin toate orasele astea prin care a trecut, nu si-a dat seama ca bancile din aceleasi tari au nume diferite si sigle dintr-un motiv care nu tine de dorinta de a da varietate si de a alunga monotonia, lol. Tipul a intrat in zeci de banci in toate tarile astea pe care le-a vizitat, pentru ca doar nu venise din China cu cash la el (sper), cum nu iti dai seama de asta? cca 3.4 keksi.

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    Google Translate
    More translation by correcting the errors in Google translate:

    V. Young People Share Apartment Rent, (young men mean under age of 30 years)

    In Paris, the rent is very expensive. So it is common for young people in Paris to share apartment. I asked several French people. All of them shared apartment with other people.

    In Paris, the rent for a single-room apartment with 35-40 square start at f € 1000. I asked a locals, he paid 1400 Euro for a 40-square-meter apartment.

    Sharing apartment is cheaper, five or six hundred euros for a room. I chatted with recently university graduate. His monthly salary was about 1600 euros, about 12,000 yuan a month. He shared an apartment with the other two people. After paying the rent of 500 euro, he had 1100 euros left, which is somewhat more than 7,000 yuan. With the7,000 yuan wages, he had to pay social security and other insurance. After deduction of social security, he had to pay food, transportation, internet access, and other living expenses.

    When I asked him when to buy a house, he said that he certainly couldn't afford now and he had to wait until he is 30 years old or older. It is good that French don’t have the customs of buying home before marriage, unlike Chinese who are facing a high pressure to do so.

    On the Quora saw a Parisian IT engineer's monthly bill, his income in Paris was above average.

    The IT engineer and two other people share a 100 square meter apartment in the suburbs of Paris. His monthly salary of 3250 euros in France this is a high salary, but deducted a variety of social security, he gets net wage only 2400 euros. rent + house tax + house insurance 623 euros, a tax of 300 euros, electricity 30 euros, transportation + calls + net fee of 110 euros. After deduction of all these fixed expenses, he has 1337 euros left, that is, 10,100 yuan. With the 10,100 yuan, he has to pay food, clothes, bar, etc.

    He also said how expensive to dine in a restaurant in Paris. A meal per a person costs about 15-20 euros, that is 100-150 yuan; to a bar, at 30-40 euros, or 250 yuan -300 yuan.

    The Parisan IT engineer, who earns a much higher salary than the French average, can only live in the suburbs of Paris, sharing rent with other two people. No wonder that a lot of people buy home after they are more than 30 years old or 40 years old. The home is not necessarily big. French people see that buying a home after they are 35 years old is normal. This completely is different from the case in China. Chinese feel that life has no hope if they don’t buy a home when they are at 20s.

    I can surely say that with 10,000 yuan, living standards is higher in Shenzhen than in Paris.

    In Paris, if you don’t eat at home, a meal costs more than 10 euros in a small roadside restaurant or even in McDonald's. 10 euros, is about 77 yuan. If I eat a fried rice or combo food or Shaxin snacks in a roadside restaurant the Shenzhen, 25 yuan will certainly be sufficient. Paris is three times more expensive than in Shenzhen.

    In Paris, having a meal in a restaurant is a very formal thing because it is expensive. Of course, it can also be simple if eating a meal in a roadside cafeteria with friends, but small table is not considered formal to treat friends this way.
    (Ablium comment: Probably French don’t think this way. When Chinese treat friend in a restaurant, they usually have a big round table with many variety of foods.)

    Chinese often visit restaurants without a special reason. Sichuan cuisine Hunan cuisine, hot pot, and all other different varieties of cuisines, prices of foods are low in China. We ate a meal in a Chinese restaurant in Paris and five people spent more than 100 euros. Considering young people in Paris generally have monthly salary of one thousand two thousand euros, it is not insignificant expense for dinning in a restaurant. No wonder that when French people hold a party in Paris, they just provide some drinks, fries, and hamburgers. (Ablium comment: I think that it is a cultural difference. When Chinese hold a party, they often have many varieties of foods. Party in the West usually don’t provide so many varieties of foods.)

    Of course, this is not the most important. What is the most important thing then? The China's economy as a whole is still growing at annual rate of 6.9%. In Shenzhen, the economy still has high growth rate of more than 8% per year. In another 5 years, our income will be more than now, and the Parisian income is basically in a stagnant state. What it was 10 years ago is what it is now. More terribly, it will likely be the same as it is now in 10 years.

    One of my university classmates went to France and studied in Paris. After graduation, he remained in Paris. As a foreigner and non-native French speaker, finding a job in electronic engineering was not easy. He finally found a job with monthly wages of more than 2000 euros. In that year, this wage was much higher than that in China. After several years, his salary did not change, so he decided to leave France and went to Germany.

    In Germany, there are more mechanical and electronic engineering jobs. The wage level is higher than the France. His current income is much higher than in France. He earns more than net 3,000 euros per month, almost 20 thousand to 30 thousands yuan, with bonuses at the end of the year. There are many holidays. More importantly, the price of Germany is much lower than Paris, So, his life is quite satisfactory and he is planning to live Germany for long term.

    I had a chat with him this time. He felt that the income and financial capability of the classmates over various cities in China had been obviously improved. When we just graduated from the university, buying a car with a couple of ten thousands yuan was considered having a high wage and being wealthy. Now almost all our classmates drive a car of more than 200,000 yuan (about $30,000).

    Every time he returned to China, he strongly felt that China had hugely changed. His current wage in Germany is pretty good. But from the perspective of 5 or 10 years from now, he will almost certainly fall behind gradually. So sometimes he had an idea to move back to China. But, having stayed in Europe for a long time, having children born there, and having a stable job, it would be a huge project to move back to China.

    That is what a middle class Chinese (an electronic engineer) think after visited Paris for several months.
    To be continued...

    Let me translate a paragraph specially for AXA:

    Finanally I make an exclaimation. How are Printemps and Galeries Lafayette Haussmann? (Ablium Comment: These are two famous, luxury, and century-old French department stores where Chinese tourists to France must visit.) The internal space is small, the decoration grade can't compare to any one of China's big city shopping malls, not to mention Shenzhen's huge KK Mall, Coastal Town, Thousand Elephent Town, Cocopark, and the like. They simply look like department stores in a third-tier city of China. (Ablium Comment: I don't know how much he has exagerated and whether he is too arrogant. I will verify it by myself in two months.)
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    After I have viewed this video, I feel that Paris represents the pinnacle of urban architecture and transportation infrastructure of the 19th century. But now, its transportation infrastructure, such as train stations and subways are obviously far inferior than that in Chinese cities. A luxury department store should never have ceilings that look like this. Printemps and Galeries Lafayette do look modest comparing to the high-end malls in China. This and that are also good shopping mall.
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    I am not sure if you are really that "smrt" or you are trolling us. It's hard to build an infrastructure over something that already exists. Do you expect the french to demolish their historic building just to please a random chinese postac from a gaming forum?

    I can give you an example with romanian internet speed vs Uk internet speed. Uk had "broadband" since early 2000's, Romania started from scratch and they didn't had to upgrade anything, they just created new optic fiber networks and now we have gigabit speed for peanuts. If UK would want to replace their internet infrastructure, they would have to change EVERYTHING, interrupting the internet services and it would cost way way way more than it worth. Same applies in other domains as well.

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    According to the "Chinese Tourists to Europe Trend Report 2017" it is projected that as many as 5.5 million Chinese will travel to Europe during 2017, increasing 10 percent over 2016.

    Wow, Greece alone has about 30 million tourists every year, so again... no one cares about chinese tourists, all they do is spend money on plane tickets, then once arrived at destination they eat noodles and shit on the ground because they don't want to pay 0.7 euro for public toilets. Do Europe needs this kind of tourists? No, thanks.

    Xi Jinping Implores Chinese Tourists to Stop Eating So Many Instant Noodles While Overseas - China Real Time Report - WSJ

    Have the Chinese Replaced Americans As the Worst Tourists in the World?

    Outside the Louvre in Paris, there's a sign in mandarin which tells visitors not to defecate in the surrounding grounds. This sign is only written in Mandarin Chinese. No other nationality, it appears, needs to be reminded where it is and is not appropriate to shit in the vicinity of metropolitan France's art museums. Every other nation on earth understands implicitly the social contract they're signing up to: that, in exchange for their continued participation in art, visitors must shit only within the white porcelain bowls located inside the designated toilet zones. Not on the pavements. Not even in the bins, or on the breakfast bar of their hotel, or between the tits of a passing waitress. Just the toilets, thanks.

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    It seems the chinese eat noodles even during flight, and apparently, eating cheap food makes chinese people get mad and attack people who did nothing to them.

    AirAsia flight attendant scalded with hot water and noodles by Chinese passenger | Daily Mail Online

    The chinese "tourists" were cooking noodles in their 5* hotel rooms because they were too cheap to buy food. This of course would cause bad smell and make the room dirty, so the hotel manager had to remove the kettles from chinese visitor rooms. LOL

    Maldives, Chinese and the fight for instant noodles – ChinaContact

    I have to admit, this one is funny but pathetic in the same time.
    “Chinese ping pong champion Wang Nan says her husband was right to leave the faucet running in a Japanese hotel, to waste water as revenge over Japan for invading China 85 years ago.”

    Why Are Chinese Tourists So Badly Behaved? | The Diplomat

    The Hokkaido government issued a booklet on bad manners aimed at Chinese, then the Thai tourism board followed suit, and China’s state-run news agency Xinhua did the same. Beijing even created a list of nine sins that can earn transgressors a lifetime travel ban, but this hasn’t solved the problem.

    Last month, a Chinese man visited the South Korean island of Jeju and stabbed a woman to death as she was praying in church. He later explained that she reminded him of his ex-wives. Also on Jeju last month, several Chinese tourists savagely beat a woman after she told them they couldn’t bring alcohol into her restaurant. When she told them they had to pay their bill before leaving, they beat her so severely she suffered a brain hemorrhage. They beat her son unconscious, too, when he tried to step in, and attacked anyone else who tried to help.

    “Since a Chinese person murdered someone in Jeju Cathedral,” the JoongAng Ilbo reported a 32-year-old woman as saying, “seeing robust Chinese men frightens me.”(MosSpanac comment: robust as in 1.65m and 70 kg ))) )
    The article also reported that according to local police, about 95 percent of petty crimes on Jeju are committed by Chinese.

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    Keep digging the internet to make feel better.

    Quote Originally Posted by MosSpanac View Post

    I can give you an example with romanian internet speed vs Uk internet speed. Uk had "broadband" since early 2000's, Romania started from scratch and they didn't had to upgrade anything, they just created new optic fiber networks and now we have gigabit speed for peanuts. If UK would want to replace their internet infrastructure, they would have to change EVERYTHING, interrupting the internet services and it would cost way way way more than it worth. Same applies in other domains as well.
    I know that Huawei has a large operation in Romania. Huawei is the world's largst company for optic fiber networking equipment. Probably, most of the equipment for optic fiber networks in Romnia is made by Huawei. Romania does not have a significant company for fiber optical communication equipment. You likely don't know this.

    China - o noua putere mondiala-capture.jpg

    Buying networking equipment and installing them are much easier than building other infrastructure. That is why Bucuresti has not completed its first autostrada ring even now, although Romania has a high-speed internet network.

    Quote Originally Posted by MosSpanac View Post

    Wow, Greece alone has about 30 million tourists every year, so again... no one cares about chinese tourists, all they do is spend money on plane tickets, then once arrived at destination they eat noodles and shit on the ground because they don't want to pay 0.7 euro for public toilets. Do Europe needs this kind of tourists? No, thanks.
    Are you significant enough to represent Europe? Remember that you are just a low-paid migrant worker in UK and your voice is too weak.

    Airports in Paris, Amsterdam, and some other European cities all have signs in Chinese, as the Chinese engineer who visited Paris said. See the pictures in the article. Besides, all major luxury stores in Paris and Switzerland have Chinese-speaking clerks now.
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    I don't have to dig the internet, there are zillions of such facts and i only copied few from the first page. On the other hand, you had to dig the internet for the chinese blog where you copy/paste that shitty opinions from. Because that's what they are, opinions of a random scrub who never saw civilisation and his mind is run by money. He can't comprehend what freedom and human rights are and that money are not the most important thing in the world. The european quality of life is something China will never achieve if you keep polluting your country.

    Also it looks like you really want to confirm the fact that the smart ablium doesn't post on this account. I only mentioned the internet situation to make you understand that it's easier buiding an infrastructure from scratch than to replace an existent one, special in cities with historic buildings and old streets. I wasn't trying to brag about it, but you had to mock me instead admitting i am right. Guess what, idc about Bucuresti motorway ring road, at least Romania didn't commited genocide against its own people by free will.

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    Surely, Chinese will never achieve the living standard that you have.

    AXA, What do you think about the interior design of this mall? I am looking for an expert's opinion.
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    I don't like it, the interior is full with chinese people. Who would design such a monstruosity?

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    A Romanian American girl makes propaganda for China.

    Why Living in Beijing is More Awesome Than You May Think - YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by ablium View Post
    A Romanian American girl makes propaganda for China.

    Why Living in Beijing is More Awesome Than You May Think - YouTube
    am un deja vu
    "Spirituality is just science we don't understand. Yet."

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    A ramas fara linkuri, cumva asistam la un endless loop? )

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    Intereseaza pe cineva delirul astuia? Daca nu ii mai raspundeti, oare inceteaza?

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    As China Moves In, Serbia Reaps Benefits, With Strings Attached - The New York Times

    When I was in East Europe in the 1980s, I visited Serbia (then Yugoslavia) several times. Belgrad was quite well developed and there was quite a lot merchandise in the market. It was more prosperous than Bucuresti then. China was trying to learn the experience of socialism with limited capitalism from Yugoslavia. I never expected that Serbia would need China's funding for development a few decades later.

    Quote Originally Posted by lowlife View Post
    Intereseaza pe cineva delirul astuia? Daca nu ii mai raspundeti, oare inceteaza?
    Am I having a delusion? LOL. It is probably difficult to find a person as rational as I am.

    Actually, some friends here have delusion. They think that Chinese are eating bark and grass. A bowl of orez would be a big reward for Chinese slave labor. Let me tell some data to wake up some ignorants. China today has higher per capita consumption of fish, egg, pork meat, cereal, and vegetable than EU does. China is significantly behind EU only in dairy products, which Chinese are not very interest in. Check the internet to see if what I said is true.
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    Iran To Become Essential Hub In China’s Belt And Road Initiative

    Asta scade sansa americanilor de a destabiliza Iranul precum au reusit cu restul tarilor din regiune, conform planului "7 countries in 5 years" (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran).

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    Motorway networks of 8 largest metropolises in Europe and 8 largest metropolises in China
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