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Thread: China - o noua putere mondiala

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    Former strategist for Trump and Alt-rightist Steve Bannon

    Steve Bannon compares China to 1930s Germany and says the US must confront Beijing | US news | The Guardian

    In a sense, Bannon is trying to have a variant of the Culture Revolution. He wants an anti-establishment populist movement. Anti-establishment was a movement of Chinese youths during the Culture Revolution.
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    Steve Bannon e aproape la fel de idiot precum McCain. Totusi, McCain e greu de intrecut.

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    China is leaving Donald Trump’s America behind -Financilal Time

    This is an opinion of a billionaire and venture capitalist for Sequoia Capital (A renowned venture capital firm from Silicon Valley).

    China is leaving Donald Trump’s America behind

    An army of Chinese entrepreneurs faces the future with a sense of adventure

    YESTERDAY by: Michael Moritz

    A week in China is enough to persuade anyone that the world has spun back to front. The benefits of immigration, the quest for fresh discoveries, the desire for education, the recognition of the benefits of stability, purpose and enterprise are flourishing in China at the very time that they are being maligned, belittled or ignored in the US by Donald Trump.

    Take immigrants. The Chinese government has decided to expand a programme that allows qualified foreign graduates to obtain work and residency permits. It also floated the possibility of expanding the programme to provide for permanent residency. Compare this with the demonisation of Muslims, once welcomed in America, the proposed reversal of the “Dreamer” programme and the dragnets of Homeland Security personnel rounding up illegal immigrants in the US.

    What about education? In China the central and provincial governments are rushing to build thousands of new schools in rural areas. The thirst for education accounts for a disproportionate amount of household spending. You have only to look at the burgeoning after-school tuition market to see the consequences. Millions of Chinese children are being prepped for tests. And private tutors, who are compensated according to bonus systems, earn an average of about $50,000 a year with a handful of outliers making as much as $300,000; although state schoolteachers take home
    much less.

    Then consider factories. While Mr Trump barks about wanting to restore the manufacturing jobs of the 1950s, the Chinese are taking the opposite tack. Instead of placing more people on assembly lines, the government wants to install millions of robots over the coming decade. It has set itself the more audacious challenge of raising literacy levels rather than pretending it is possible to return to the past.

    There are plenty of other examples of how China is advancing while most of the US is either stuck in neutral or going into reverse. This week several Chinese airlines reported that their earnings were being hurt by travellers using freshly built high-speed train services. A number of local governments are saying that they intend to develop Hyperloop systems. Whether these initiatives amount to anything remains to be seen, but they stand in stark contrast to California’s $64bn effort to build a high-speed train track over a relatively short distance in the state’s Central Valley.

    Meanwhile, China’s army of entrepreneurs is facing the future with an unrivalled sense of adventure and curiosity. The millions of internet-connected bikes that have appeared on the streets of China’s major cities during the past 18 months, although greeted with fury in some quarters, are the most visible emblem of this. Then there is DJI, a Shenzhen company and offshoot of the robotics lab of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, that makes 70 per cent of all drones sold around the world.

    The most impressive example of Chinese global leadership is in electronic payments thanks to Alipay and WeChat Pay, the payment systems of the country’s two largest internet companies, Alibaba and Tencent. Every day, 600m payments course through WeChat Pay, allowing Chinese millennials to go for months without having to use cash.

    Westerners often complain about the policies of the Chinese government. But from Beijing the world looks very different. Today’s political chaos in Washington and London leaves many Chinese wondering whether their long-held predictions about the eventual collapse of democracy are coming true. Either way, there can be little debate about what the government in China has done to improve the wellbeing of its people over the past 30 years.

    If Mr Trump demands proof of the progress made in China in terms he understands, he should send the managers of his pocket-sized portfolio of hotels to visit the best hotels in Beijing and Shanghai. There they would find a level of service unparalleled in New York, London or Paris. Perhaps then even Mr Trump would understand that China has much to teach the rest of us.

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    Vor sa baneze si schimbul de bani clasici cu bitcoainele, din ce am auzit. Numai lucruri bune din China. Ban is good sometimes.

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    forþon ne mæg weorþan wis wer, ær he age wintra dæl in woruldrice

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    Go to China and ask any Chinese about his/her opinion about WeChat. He/She will tell you how WeChat has changed his/her life. It is an app that combines the functions of all social networking apps and epayment apps in the West. Hundreds of millions of Chinese use it a couple of hours every day for communication with family members, friends, coworkers, schoolmates, business partners, vendors, clients, people with the same interest in some particular fields, etc. It is also used to transfer money to anyone with a WeChat account, to pay for on-only and off-line purchases, to launch a mini lottery within a chat group, to donate money to a street beggar, ... It is further used to launch your mini-business to sell your products, ...

    Yet, this article from an anti-Chinese-government website tells people to not use this wonderful app because of the possibility of Chinese government control. Are you sure that the data you stored on Google's servers are not surveyed and monitored by the National Security Agency? What did Edward Snowden tell you? But if you don't engage in terrorism or criminal activities, why do you have to worry?
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    E foarte buna aplicatia WeChat (probabil cea mai buna si mai utila). O folosim si noi pe aici.

    China se pregateste sa construiasca un "tren" care sa circule cu viteze de pana la 4000 Km/h!!!

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    Avioanele de linie zboara sub viteza sunetului. Stii de ce? Pentru ca altfel se formeaza unde de soc care ar putea perturba zborul. Ma indoiesc ca ar putea face prea curand un "tren zburator" de suprafata, cu atat mai mult cu cat acele unde de soc s-ar reflecta de pamant si s-ar intoarce inapoi(cred).

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    Iti dai cu parerea fara sa stii despre ce e vorba. Trenurile respective nu vor "zbura la suprafata" ci vor "zbura" (levitatie magnetica) intr-un tub care va fi vidat in fata trenului. Iar "tuburile" respective vor fi in mare parte "la suprafata", adica nu ingropate.

    E vorba despre "vactrain" (vacuum tube maglev train) si vor sa le faca in 3 etape: 1000 Km/h, 2000 Km/h si 4000 Km/h in etapa a treia.

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    Nu m-am uitat prea atent, am presupus ca e vorba tot de o balarie cum era autobuzul care circula peste trafic, proiect cazut in ridicol dupa nici o luna de la darea in folosinta.
    Ramane de vazut, de la teorie la practica e cale lunga.

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    It is driven by electromagnetic force and uses magnetic levitation technology. It "flys" in a vacuum instead of air. So there is no shockwave issue.
    Theoretically, it is possible. The issue is cost and safety. How to maintain a long vacuum tube safely and at an affordable cost is an issue.

    China has made inter-city travel with speed train (350 km/hour) look like taking a metro. Averagely, there is a high-speed train between Shanghai and Beijing (1318 km) in every 15 minutes.

    This is a video of concept train of 4000 km/h

    This is another video for high-temperature superconductor maglev, (with English subtitle)
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    Yea, you posted videos with that shitty bus who was supposed to be above the traffic as well, now there are dozens of people in jail because the project was a money grab and didn't worked. The prototype is rusting somewhere in the garbage, lol.

    Failure of China's 'straddling bus' shows there's no magic bullet for traffic woes | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

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    No one has pointed out why the idea does not work. The inventor has a humble background and he does not have a college degree. Perhaps, that was why he never got an endorsement and financial support from a large Chinese company. The fundraising company that funded the project has some problems with Chinese government regulation, causing the project to stop.

    The superconductor hyperloop train project is sponsored by China's national vehicle research lab and large Chinese corporations. So it is different from Straddling Bus project. Straddling Bus may come back because the idea is feasible. It just needs money for development. As more new cars enter Chinese cities, people will search for solutions to solve the traffic jam problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MosSpanac View Post
    They sell their phones only in China, India and other 2nd rate countries.
    You will be shocked if you read the following McKinsey report published a couple of days ago. The data will blow your mind and you won't think again that China is a 2nd rate country.

    China’s digital economy: A leading global force

    China - o noua putere mondiala-china_us_digital_economy_comparison.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-china_us-comparism.jpg

    McKinsey is the world's number one management consulting firm. McKinsey and Goldman Sachs are the top choice of Harvard business school graduates when they look for an employer.

    If you look at the number and valuation of global unicorns, you will realize that we are living in a G2 era now.

    A smart man read this kind of report to have a good grasp of the changing world and will never read tabloids or paparazzi reports, which target at undereducated housewives.
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    Awww, too bad you mentioned tabloids, because now i won't be able to post the fact that the most known chinese actress(who is filthy rich as it is) is a high end hooker. Damn, now i have to look over the internet for a serious source.

    And i farted.

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    US Threatens To Cut Off China From SWIFT If It Violates North Korea Sanctions

    Ha! Abia astept sa vad o faza de genul asta. Va fi mult mai distractiv decat in timpul ultimelor alegeri.

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    So that explains why China is in top spending countries in tourism while the great leader is begging his loyal subjects not to eat ramen noodles while staying abroad. LOL

    Suitcases of Cash: China Travel Data Hint at Capital Outflow - Bloomberg

    Also nice corruption bro.

    PS: Securitatea traieste linistita.

    Shuanggui - Wikipedia

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    Also if China is so great, how come 3 out of 5 millionaires wants to get out because they are afraid of financial repression.

    Three out of five of Chinese multi-millionaires want to be able to emigrate — Quartz

    China Capital Flight 2.0: Lose A Lawsuit On Purpose - China Real Time Report - WSJ

    Answer: them kleptocrats bro, running out of the country to save their embezzled money

    Bronte Capital: The Macroeconomics of Chinese kleptocracy

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    Comparing to the Chinese government, those "clean" democratic governments of developing countries including East European countries got very few jobs done. LOL

    Everybody can see the results.

    A vlog of kindergarten English teacher from America in a 2nd-tier Chinese city.
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