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Thread: China - o noua putere mondiala

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    Quote Originally Posted by MosSpanac View Post
    oh, the irony, the horror...
    Chinese Internet Law: What the West Doesn’t See | The Diplomat

    isn't that cute after being ironic

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    Some infrastructure construction that China accomplished in 2017

    China added about 5000 km of the new motorway to reach 136,000 km last year. (Total motorway length in EU at the end of 2017 is about 78,000km, In last a few years, EU averagely add 1200km motorway per year.)

    China added 3038km new high-speed rail to reach 25,000km last year, 66% of the world's total length.

    Seven of the world's busiest ten container ports are already in China.

    Before the end of this year, top three cities in metro length will all be in China. (Guangzhou will replace London currently at third position.)

    Current China's new auto vehicles sales are already twice that of EU.

    China's electricity generation increased by 5.7% last year. China's electricity generation has reached 2.2 times that of EU.

    Based on the current transportation infrastructure scale, new car sales, and energy consumption, I think that China's economic size should easily exceed twice that of the EU within less than two decades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ablium View Post

    The whole purpose to register a new account is to post the above two links. Obviously, anybody can see who this clone is. Moderator, please check the IP address and MAC address of this clone.
    I... I don't think that they can easily get his MAC.

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    Most of the reporters of the West media are not doing enough home works when they report about China. They keep saying that the Chinese government is in high debt for building infrastructure and therefore Chinese economy is imminent to collapse. If they had checked the following data about government debt in percentage of GDP, they will know how nonsensical their reports are.

    Country List Government Debt to GDP

    China has set a very clear and ambitious goal to build the world's best infrastructure in the country by the mid of this century.
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    Even an idiot knows how to do internet search nowadays, but an idiot or a mediocre wouldn't be able to comprehend the searched data.

    EU and US government debt/GDP ratio is twice that of China. China's corporate debt is higher now. Unlike government debt which partly resulted from giving the welfare to some unskilled immigrants who watch porn movies day and night (like someone in the UK) , corporate debt is transformed to the capacity of production and service through the capital investment, which in turn contributes to the economic growth. EU economic growth rate is at 1%, the US is at 2%, and China is at 6.5%. At the same total debt level, which is at a better financial position? Anyone with a basic knowledge of finance and economics can see the answer.

    Since the 1990s, I have read numerous reports talking about China's imminent financial collapse from the West media. At the time, I was focusing on technology and did not know much about finance. I even believed those crappy reports. But the only financial crisis that I had seen was the one in 2008, which spread from the US to EU and some other countries. China was still growing at a high rate even in 2008 and 2009 when most countries experienced financial crisis or economic recession.
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    One of the biggest advantages that China has for its development is the economy of scale. Once China acquires a technology, it can scale up at a speed that no other country can. India may also gain this advantage in a few decades if India can go through some kind of social transformation. Japan was the first country that started high-speed train operation in the early 1960s. Now China builds more high-speed rail every year than Japan has built in last a half-century.

    As this video shows, Chinese high-speed train production volume is so large that the company even builds its own semiconductor fab to make IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, a high voltage and high current semiconductor device for electrical control) chip.

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    What is China today? China today is a mixture of the first world and the third world, and the first world is rapidly taking over the third world. Walking in some districts of Chinese cities today, you don't feel much that you are in a developing country. For those Romanians bashing China, I would like to tell them that if Romania had developed as fast as China did in last three decades, Romania would have been comparable to Switzerland today.

    This video shows a Danish video gamer walking in a random street of Hangzhou city.

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    Macar voi chinezii ati avut o ideologie, un partid care sa duca tara pe o directie. La noi dupa '89 s-a tras de tara in multe directii, ba spre SUA, ba spre Rusia, ba spre Europa. Normal ca nu a iesit nimic, doar o tara cu potential si promisiuni electrorale.
    "You want me to fly in the back of a little tiny fighter aircraft with a crazy fighter pilot who thinks he's invincible, home in on a SAM site in North Vietnam, and shoot it before it shoots me, you gotta be shitting me!"
    - Captain Jack Donovan

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    I don't think ideology is so important today. Few Chinese believe any kind of grand narratives or religions today. I personally think that, for any country, what is important for economic development is 1) social stability and minimization of the internal conflict and friction and 2) mobilization of the mass and organization of the society. In my opinion, democracy system is not the most efficient way to reach this goal. When a country is fully developed economically and development is no longer at top priority, it perhaps OK to play democracy.

    When you go to any city in the world, to know whether this city is well managed and organized, you only need to take a look if the trees are well planted, bushes are well trimmed, flowers are well grown in the city. I was 17 years old when I went to Romania. I was told by a person that Timisoara was a garden city. The concept of "garden city" was quite novel and exotic to me then. At the time, there were trees in Chinese cities, but flowers and lawns were extremely rare. The first of the following video is Hangzhou in 1984 (similar to the streets of India ). The second one is the recent video of the same city.

    Hangzhou is not a particular case and most Chinese cities have experienced a similar change. Now you perhaps understand why I said that if Romania had developed as fast as China did, Romania would have been comparable to Switzerland or even better. I don't mean that Romania performed badly. In fact, Romania did better than many of its neighbors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ablium View Post

    I don't think ideology is so important today. Few Chinese believe any kind of grand narratives or religions today.
    So you do admit that today the chinese people are just a bunch of people withouy any believes, character and higher aspirations than having rice for the next day. The kind of people that kill the pedestrians because its cheaper than having to pay for their hospital bills, the kind of people that shit on the street without shame, the kind of people without roots that will leave their job without thinking twice just because someone at 500 miles away is paying 10 cents per hour higher than current employer.

    That's pretty sad, isn't it?

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