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Thread: China - o noua putere mondiala

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    it seems i was wrong, lol. You do find loads of those reports on google.
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    China building collapse kills at least 22 - BBC News

    China building collapse kills 17, East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

    PressTV-Multiple buildings collapse in China, seven killed

    3 residential buildings collapse in China, people trapped: Report - Channel NewsAsia

    Look at the photo in the last article, those buildings were built with carboard or something... those walls look really fragile, it's sickening that chinese people put money before their countrymen's lives.


    The three buildings collapsed at around 8am on Thursday (Feb 2) in Baizhangji township of Wencheng county. The buildings were about five storeys tall and were inhabited with people, sources with the local government told Xinhua.
    An unknown number of people were buried in debris, the report added.
    In October last year, four residential buildings collapsed in Wenzhou, killing at least 22 people. The death toll made the incident one of the deadliest of its kind in recent years, the New York Times said.

    A 2014 report by Wenzhou Daily said more than 1,400 buildings in the city were deemed unsafe and in need of reinforcement or demolition.

    THAT MEANS IN A SINGLE TIER 3 CITY, WOW... I don't want to google anything about this. It's scary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ablium View Post
    dwellers' living
    Yeah, too bad that living a good life, happily, does not have anything to do with money and possessions.
    forþon ne mæg weorþan wis wer, ær he age wintra dæl in woruldrice

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    How do you know that they are unhappy?

    My aunt is 70 years now and she attended a college. Her monthly pension is 6000 yuan (780 euro). That is why now she can afford to tour West Europe and America. A few of my classmates who did not attend a college also toured West European countries after retirement. That was why I saw many Chinese tourists in the department stores in Paris last years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MosSpanac View Post

    Look at the photo in the last article, those buildings were built with carboard or something... those walls look really fragile, it's sickening that chinese people put money before their countrymen's lives.
    BBC NEWS | Europe | Paris airport roof collapse kills five

    Italy Building Collapse Kills 8; Last Body Pulled From Rubble

    Child killed in Paris building collapse | News | DW | 31.08.2014

    German couple killed in Mallorca building collapse - The Local

    Germany: 1 killed, 6 seriously injured in bridge collapse - The San Diego Union-Tribune

    It is sickening that French, German, and Italian people put money before their countrymen's lives. No, actually nobody is sick except you who paranoidly keep bashing China.

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    Except in Europe the buildings are falling from old age, not few years after they have been built. What a retarded argument.

    1400 buildings are in danger to fall. In a single tier 3 city. And you have the audacity to talk back with such obviously silly arguments...

    Quote Originally Posted by AxA View Post
    And you lost all the teachings and ways of the ancient Chinese civilisation...
    That burn...

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    From where did you read that the endangered buildings are recently built?

    By the way, Paris airport was recently built. Have you ever heard any Chinese airport collapsed like Paris airport?

    Sick man!

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    The perception of Goldman Sachs' Chairman & CEO on China. It is quite different from those of rednecks, isn't?

    Goldman Sachs | Our Thinking - China: Confidence on the Rise

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    The Romanian American girl shows a rented apartment of a Romanian in China. How is it compared to the rented flat in the UK?

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    More Than One Million Living in Poverty in Hong Kong - YouTube

    Hong Kong can lay claim to some of the most expensive properties in the world. Very expensive apartments are scattered along Victoria Harbour's coastline. Many have private swimming pools. But the poorest residents in Hong Kong are living in abject poverty.

    Fifty-year old Yu Wai-chan is one of thirty people living in an illegally modified flat inside an industrial building in the heart of Tai Kok Tsui industrial district. His room, or "bed home " as they are called, is made of boards, has no window, and can only fit a single bed and TV. He works part-time doing renovations, and pays $180 a month for his tiny 35 square foot room.


    Squalid Living Conditions Of Hong Kong's Poor Population - YouTube

    Despite its wealth, Hong Kong is leaving its poor to rot in squalid conditions. With one toilet per floor and just a few square feet to their name, thousands of cage dwellers live no better than animals.

    "Many can't afford three meals a day or even water, the rent is not even cheap!" says human rights activist Sze Lai. She introduces us to 79-year-old Dai, who has spent 30 years in a cage. Ten other men share his room. Piled up to the ceiling, their cages would look shocking in a zoo. A chief worry is hygiene. 8-year-old Jessica lives with her mother in a cubicle too small to let a grown man stand.


    See? I can be selective too. It's not even that hard... these conditions should not exist in a so called world superpower.
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    LOL, you think that it is a selected apartment, actually, it is just a common small but cozy apartment. All newly built or renovated apartments have a similar standard in Chinese cities now. I have not shown you yet how big and luxury apartments look.

    By the way, do you know that Hong Kong is world's number one skyscraper city? Do you know that per capita GDP of Hong Kong is higher than that of UK? Do you know that the life expectancy of Hong Kong is the longest in the world and 2.5 years longer than that of UK? Search the internet to see if they are true.

    Yeah, you should be very proud that you are richer and have a higher living standard than those Americans living under bridges do.

    This is considered luxury apartment for rent

    To open your horizon, this is one of sales office of apartments

    A tour of newly built luxury housing for sale in a tier-3 city of my home province.
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    China necenzurată - Falun Gong -

    Descrierea filmului fost cea mai mare adunare din Beijing, de la masacrul ce a avut loc în Piața Tiananmen. 10,000 de practicanți Falun Gong (cunoscută şi ca Falun Dafa, o formă antică de exerciții fizice și psihice) s-au adunat pașnic în jurul biroului central de lângă Zhongnanhai, în data de 25 aprilie 1999, pentru a face apel la dreptul de a practica liberi tehnicile Falun Gong, cunoscute și sub numele de Falun Dafa.

    Fostul lider la Chinei, Jiang Zemin, a folosit acest eveniment ca pretext pentru a porni o represiune la nivel național, ce a condus la o persecuție brutală ce continuă și în ziua de astăzi și a permis crearea unei organizații de tip Gestapo, având numele „Biroul 6-10”. Dar ce se află cu adevărat în spatele acțiunilor lui Jiang Zemin? Și cum vor afecta toate acestea China? În acest film documentar din seria China necenzurată, Chris Chappell investighează motivele ascunse pentru are loc persecuția Falun Gong și ce înseamnă acest lucru pentru China.
    Nu exista popor prost cu conducatori buni. (PigBrother TM)
    Nu trebuie sa mintim, deoarece din oameni ne transformam in politicieni.
    (dintr-un comentariu al unui cititor

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    E veche tare asta, dar ce conteaza... "Avem" gari, poduri, sosele si apartamente de lux fara numar fara numar...

    Recomand si asta, a luat multe premii: Persecution of Falun Gong | An award-winning documentary film summarizing 15 years of persecution in 10 minutes
    forþon ne mæg weorþan wis wer, ær he age wintra dæl in woruldrice

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    Haha stai sa vezi noile modele de inspirație nemțească. O sa fure băieții la greu și asemănările nu o sa mai fie doar cosmetice.
    Vesti bune pentru fanii Land Wind

    China's Geely Is Buying $9 Billion Stake in Daimler - Bloomberg

    Chinese copycat cars - pictures | Auto Express

    Knockoffs: Automobile Edition. (Maybe rip-off is a better term) - Album on Imgur

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