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Thread: China - o noua putere mondiala

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    Also, look at this motorway in the centre of Bucharest!!!
    forþon ne mæg weorþan wis wer, ær he age wintra dæl in woruldrice

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    Quote Originally Posted by AxA View Post
    Did not even press play... Just looking at the thumbnail, I have not seen so many colours per square meter since I was 5 years old.

    Funny you should say I live in an illusion, since you are the deluded one. You have no idea what things matter in life, and what design means, for that matter.

    You are like a 3 years old who just discovered he can pee standing up.

    LOL, I have seen your design works.

    Please don't forget the lessons from the history. When industrial age came, those handicraftmen were driven out of jobs.

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    And what have China learned from industrial age?

    China was once a world leader in science and technology up until the Ming dynasty. Ancient Chinese discoveries and inventions, such as papermaking, printing, the compass, and gunpowder, became widespread across East Asia, the Middle East and later to Europe. Chinese mathematicians were the first to use negative numbers. By the 17th century, Europe and the Western world surpassed China in scientific and technological advancement. The causes of this early modern Great Divergence continue to be debated by scholars to this day.

    After repeated military defeats by the European colonial powers and Japan in the 19th century, Chinese reformers began promoting modern science and technology as part of the Self-Strengthening Movement. After the Communists came to power in 1949, efforts were made to organize science and technology based on the model of the Soviet Union, in which scientific research was part of central planning. After Mao's death in 1976, science and technology was established as one of the Four Modernizations, and the Soviet-inspired academic system was gradually reformed.

    Two can play at this game.
    forþon ne mæg weorþan wis wer, ær he age wintra dæl in woruldrice

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    WESG, China.

    Amazing... bedbugs under the pillow, insane dirty windows, rats in the restaurant(probably they escaped the cooking pot, lol), brown water, everything you could "wish" for.


    The dirt is so thick you can't even write "wash me" on this window.

    Supposedly a 4* hotel booked for the competitors by Alibaba group who is the main sponsor for WESG, hahaha.
    Let me rephrase that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


    Also a random chinese tweet of the day. #Hatedictatorship #Freedomofspeech

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    Keep digging the internet for anecdotes to make you feel that you are living in a paradise.
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    Its not digging, its something that happened yesterday.

    Keep denying the truth, lol.
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    While some forumers are enthusiastic in mocking Chinese car companies copying the West cars, they are not aware that European auto manufacturers are losing ground for future cars.

    Three elements are crucial for future cars. 1. Electric 2. Connected, 3. Self-driving.

    Since Karl Benz started production of internal combustion engines for automobiles in the 1880s, Europe has accumulated internal combustion engine technology for over a century. China started auto production in the 1950s, seven decades later than Germany did. However, in electric cars, China started at about the same time as the West. As the age of electric cars comes, those internal combustion engine technologies will become obsolete. It is very easy for electric cars to achieve the acceleration of Porsche or Ferrari. A key for electric cars is lithium-based battery production. China has dominated this field now. According to Bloomberg, China's electric-car battery production capacity will be three times that of the rest of the world combined. Last year, more electric vehicles were sold in China than in the rest of the world combined.

    Future cars will be connected for higher safety and traffic efficiency and it will heavily depend on 5G wireless communication technology. According to industrial observers and analysts, China will dominate in 5G technology as its current 5G technology development is ahead of other countries. Huawei is expected to lead in implementing the 5G network. Europe is lagging behind in 5G.

    In self-driving cars, US has the head-start advantages, but China is closely following. Beijing has passed legislation for allowing self-driving cars to use public road now. Self-driving buses are already serving a few Chinese cities now.

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    If self driving buses are ALREADY serving a few cities, why is the video of an early stage TEST DRIVE? And, on a more serious note, maybe self driving vehicles is the only hope for when a child is run over in china, the driver would not run him over in reverse too a few times just to make sure he is dead... and the video is simply too gruesome to link here!
    forþon ne mæg weorþan wis wer, ær he age wintra dæl in woruldrice

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    more "fake news":

    It looks like it wasn't a single hotel that was the problem here.





    gotta love them cockroaches...


    Exactly the issue that i highlighted few pages ago regarding the pisspoor construction quality. Now confirmed at highest levels.

    -actually caring about people's living conditions

    Choose one, cause you can't have both.

    - There is no translation for health & safety in chinese language, lol.

    /EDIT: now with video too. The damn building is falling apart

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    Quote Originally Posted by AxA View Post
    If self driving buses are ALREADY serving a few cities, why is the video of an early stage TEST DRIVE?
    There are tens of electric car companies and there are tens companies are developing self-driving technology. What shown in my last video is actually a small one.

    This self-driving bus made by the world's largest bus manufacturer (Daimler (Mercedes) Bus is the second largest) was tested on a 32km road two and a half years ago.

    This bus made by the world's largest train manufacturer was tested a half years ago. It is an electric bus too. 98% world's electric buses are in China now.

    Currently, Baidu is probably leading in software for self-driving car technology in China.

    This is baidu self-driving car tested in the US
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    In alta ordine de idei - Xi forever.

    Ce sa zic, poate aveti noroc si nu e longeviv ca iliescu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sradu View Post
    Secretul succesului nu e democratia, cat un lider luminat.

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    Slab, fac treaba buna chinezii.
    We all are born stupid, but it takes a special person to remain that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traforaj View Post
    Crumbling velour on trains that run on time. What a tragedy, the enemy is at the gates etc etc.

    I usually agree with you but this is grasping at straws. Besides, the new chinese train seats will look like those in no time.

    As for the stations, it's pretty hard to replace ones extremely integrated into cities that have been rebuilt exactly zero times in the past 170 years(whereas Chinese cities went through at least two major demolitions/reconstructions during that period).
    What is your solution? Mao-Deng style demolition of a historical landmark? Japanese invasion a la WW2?
    Paris was unquestionably the best city in the world for its good urban planning and grandiose and artistic buildings in the 19th century. I certainly agree that a lot of historical landmarks need to be well preserved. On the other hand, I also believe that a city must be constantly renovated, constructed, and modernized to accommodate new demand. Standing still is dangerous because it means moving backward relatively while others are advancing. So there is a delicate balance between the preservation and modernization. I don't think that rebuilding some train stations will affect much historical and cultural continuity of Paris. I think that a nation should not let its historical glory be the burden of the modernization. In Paris, a young engineer told me that he earned 1800 euro per month and he had to pay 900 euro for a small room in a shared apartment in Paris and he was complaining the government for not doing enough to solve the problems of young people.

    In Paris, I did not see any construction cranes, but I saw quite a lot in Berlin. Germany was a latecomer in Europe and Berlin does not have as many historical buildings as Paris has. Perhaps Berlin has a less historical burden. The living cost in Berlin seemed to be lower than in Paris in my experience of hotel accommodation and restaurant dining.

    Beside motive of preservation of historical buildings, Paris or France perhaps also has a budgetary problem for upgrading the train stations or trains.

    The 19th century and a large part of the 20th century were failed period for China. There are not many good buildings left from that period. There is a debate now whether demolishing city wall of Beijing in the 1950s to modernize transportation system was a wise decision. There are now only a couple of Chinese cities still keeping a city wall. Most buildings in Chinese cities are built in last 40 years. When I left my home city 40 years ago, no building was taller than the Hotel Intercontinental in Bucuresti and the tallest building in the city was 10 stories. Now there are over 1000 buildings taller than the Hotel Intercontinental. In Mao period, there were many historic and cultural relics, such as temples, damaged and demolished, but most of them were rebuilt recently. In Chinese cities today, usually, there are a few preserved but renovated historical streets as attraction sites for tourism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limelight View Post

    Ablium, baga ceva filme cu Shenzhen, blocuri, gari, trenuri, S-classu, ceva, ca am luat-o pe aratura. De fapt, fara S class, ca i se umfla iar venele-n cap lu Axa, doar gari...
    Let me show a few pictures of my home city which is a second-tier city in China. I took these pictures last month when I visited the office of my sister who ran a small business. There are thousands of similar buildings in my home city.

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180130_131343.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180130_131110-1-.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180130_130834.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180130_130951.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180130_130624.jpg

    Just two decades ago, Chinese admired the infrastructure of Europe when they visited Europe. Now, they don't have the feeling any more.

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    Blocurile alea sunt locuite ?
    "You want me to fly in the back of a little tiny fighter aircraft with a crazy fighter pilot who thinks he's invincible, home in on a SAM site in North Vietnam, and shoot it before it shoots me, you gotta be shitting me!"
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    I visited a village where my great great grandfather (10th generation) lived and studied more than 200 hundred years ago before he moved to the city. One of my remote cousins spent some money and rebuilt this family temple.

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180131_113615.jpg

    A nice restaurant with ancient Chinese style decoration in my home city. Pictures were taken last month.

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180219_110845.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180219_110533.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180219_110528.jpg

    China - o noua putere mondiala-20180219_112528.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by droopy_ro View Post
    Blocurile alea sunt locuite ?
    Nu, e gol si doar pentru presentare in forumul romanesc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ablium View Post
    Nu, e gol si doar pentru presentare in forum romanesca.
    Intrebam serios. Tinand cont ca inca se construieste la ele si sunt 3 oameni pe strada.
    "You want me to fly in the back of a little tiny fighter aircraft with a crazy fighter pilot who thinks he's invincible, home in on a SAM site in North Vietnam, and shoot it before it shoots me, you gotta be shitting me!"
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