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Thread: Strategie, ghiduri, spoilere

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    shamanii cu cercu', druizii cu slipu' ... da o cautare
    I expect nothing. I fear no one. I am free.

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    [doar pt. cunoscatori]
    In 1.9 o sa mai mearga Treaba cu healadinu' la Nef ?
    Avem Blue dragons[mana drain] si Green[easy] si pala cam ramane fara mana si nu mai tine faza...
    Deci m-as gandi la alta tactica daca nu o sa mai tina faza incepand cu 1.9

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    - Blessing of Wisdom - Mana regeneration over time will no longer generate threat.
    Beta patch notes

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    Pt AQ gates:

    60,000 Heavy Leather = 60k heavy leather
    60,000 Rugged Leather= 60k rugged leather
    80,000 Thick Leather= 80k thick leather
    96,000 Peacebloom = 96k Peacebloom
    19,000 Firebloom= 19k firebloom
    26,000 Purple Lotus= 26k purple lotus
    90,000 Copper Bars = 90k copper ores
    18,000 Mithril Bars= 18k mithril ores
    22,000 Tin Bars = 22k tin ores
    400,000 Runecloth Bandages = 400k runecloth
    250,000 Mageweave Bandages= 250k magewave cloth
    250,000 Wool Bandages = 250k wool bandages
    17,000 Spotted yellowtail =17k Raw Spotted Yellowtail (fishing areas like tanaris ) (225 cooking)
    10,000 Baked Salmon = 10k Soothing Spices+ Raw Whitescale Salmon[winterspring/av fishing) (275 cooking)
    10,000 Lean Wolf Steak = 10k Mild Spices + 10k Lean Wolf Flank (ashenvale/duskwood wolves)

    gl farming

    EDIT: in questu' pt deschis portzile mai trebuie Head of Broodlord (BWL) si un dragon din Moonglade (nu mai shtiu numele). Cineva d p US poate posteaza tot ce trebuie facut ...

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    Intre alea e cu "sau"?
    Argh, they deleted my post, my little precious. They stole it from us, lamer, lamer. Ugly, bad moderators. We hates moderators! They are so many. But we write again, hundreds of posts. Yeah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aLeXb
    Beta patch notes

    Da in beta....dar acum nu zice nika de BOW

    So ?
    NU de alta dar sunt ingrijorat pt EOF, saracii oameni cum o sa mai farmeze Nef fara BOW xploit ? ))))

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    Little Update:

    90,000 Copper Bars <- BOTH SIDES
    22,000 Tin Bars <- HORDE ONLY
    28,000 Iron Bars <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    18,000 Mithril Bars <- HORDE ONLY
    24,000 Thorium Bars <- ALLIANCE ONLY

    96,000 Peacebloom <- HORDE ONLY
    19,000 Firebloom <- HORDE ONLY
    26,000 Purple Lotus <- BOTH SIDES
    20,000 Arthas Tears <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    33.000 Stranglekelp <- ALLIANCE ONLY

    180,000 Light Leather <- BOTH SIDES
    110,000 Medium Leather <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    60,000 Heavy Leather <- HORDE ONLY
    80,000 Thick Leather <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    60,000 Rugged Leather <- HORDE ONLY

    10,000 Lean Wolf Steaks <- HORDE ONLY
    20,000 Roast Raptor <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    14,000 Rainbow Fin Albacore <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    17,000 Spotted Yellowtail <- BOTH SIDES
    10,000 Baked Salmon <- HORDE ONLY

    800,000 Linen Bandages <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    600,000 Silk Bandages <- ALLIANCE ONLY
    250,000 Wool Bandages <-- HORDE ONLY
    250,000 Mageweave Bandages <- HORDE ONLY
    400,000 Runecloth Bandages <- BOTH SIDES

    BOTH sides need to get this completed, so alliance / horde need to finish their hand ins before its completed.

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    Toranaga, nu, nu e sau intre ele. Din nefericire. Macar la voi situatia e buna, aveti o gramada de ghilde care farmeaza BWL. Pe Zenedar situatia nu e deloc roza, astia (gen Emeraldu) sunt mai ocupati sa ne muste pe noi de posterior (asta cand nu incearca sa ne descoasa) decat sa-si vada de problemele lor.

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    Guide pentru Broodlord Lashlayer please ^^

    Zyx, cifrele sunt valabile pentru toata lumea sau difera in functie de populatie?

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    Am pus 2 post-uri de la noi d p forum

    Quote Originally Posted by AFGM Forum
    I personally disslike the idea of depending on our day time players to do this. First its not fair. Secondly it will be such a big pressure on everyone. Allready feelt it a few times today people questioning others why they were not grinding bugs for nightsong.

    This is how I think we should do it:

    One night a week. Lets say Tuesdays. We spend farming this rep as this.

    Form a raid of 35-40 ppl. Set loot to ffa. Divide the raid into:

    3 groups of 7-8 people with atleast 1 agent/deputive in each group. Thoose get one hive assigned to them each. Their job is to clear this hive of bugs over and over again and gather the carapaces for Nightsong our master agent.

    4 groups with 3-4 people. Assign thoose groups to one Twilight camp each their job is to clear thoose camps over mobs over and over again aswell as gathering crests and pages FOR THE GUILD which the guild will use to get someone to exhalted and summon raid bosses for epics/nexus shards.

    Why? This will give us insanly fast reputation for Nightsong (edit <- our 1st guildmember that got Broodlord head) aswell as the whole guild will get honored with cenarion circle as everyone in silithius that is in the same raid will recieve 1 rep per kill done anywhere in silithius by anyone in the guild.

    Also at the start of the raid we can kill 3 epic droping raid bosses. And possible at the end also. Brought to you by our cenarion farmers! Smile

    = we can open aq
    = we have differnt people with differnt proffessions exhalted with cenarion circle.
    = we have all honored faction with cenarion cirle. Needed for some set items and other rewards from AQ.
    = we get epics from cenarion raid bosses

    This way everyone will help out to do this instead of thoose who play alot on none raid time. I still think its a good idea to farm rep outside thoose events but everyone dont need to have bad guilt for not doing in on their whole playtime

    If you dont wanna lead/arrange this fish I will be very happy to do it for you.

    Suggestions? Flames?

    /From your formum spamming beeear
    Quote Originally Posted by AFGM forum
    I did some minor scouting.

    Quest: get 200 items from bugs @ 1 of the 3 hives in silithus (carrying a special Agent-item)

    Reward: [Make someone a deputy]

    Deputies = collects bug-items, sends to Agent and he makes more ppl deputies.


    Why? What's the use of all this?..

    only speculations so far.
    Some people think that if you get friendly with nozdormu you can go to Tanaris and talk to the big phat dragon and get some quest... summon erakinus(?) and ultimately create the scepter for the gong.



    Each time the agent makes someone a deputy, the agent gets 200 nozdormu rep.

    hated -> unfriendly = 36000
    unfriendly -> = neutral = 3000
    neutral -> friendly = 3000
    42000 / 200 = 210 "turn-ins"

    Looks high?
    Each time you get a new deputy, that means it gets faster (in theory) to get the next one... most noticable scaling at start.

    I heard you get alot of Nozdormu rep from killing stuff in AQ which makes this logical to assume beeing a valid theory. (Everyone who helped out will get some reputation "back" from doing AQ)

    Keep in mind
    This is just a summary of some speculations going on that I think sounds fair enough.

    cam asta e tot ce shtiu

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    O ghilda au ajuns deja Neutral. Nu shtiu altceva inafar' de imaginea asta:

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    Andreeeei, cam in ce culori se arata situatzia p US??? ca acum nu va mai gankuieste 12p

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    gata Razorgore down aseara Vael 10%

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    slabanilor, sinteti la 13%
    I expect nothing. I fear no one. I am free.

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    Salutari la toata lumea!

    Am si eu o intrebare legata de Chromaggus: ce trebuie sa faca un Hunter la Chromaggus atunci cand un Frenzy se intampla cu cateva secunde inainte de un Breath?
    Din ce am vazut, Hunterii mei vor sa stea in Breath ca sa poata sa faca Tranq tot timpul. Numai ca din cauza asta, se intampla ca dupa un timp mor toti. Eu personal cred ca Hunterii ar trebui sa se fereasca de Breath ca toti ceilalti(cu exceptia Time Lapse, stiu), si, daca se intampla un Frenzy cand toata lumea e in afara LoS, atunci Healerii arunca mai mult healing pe MT, pana cand Hunterii pot sa iasa din nou la iveala.

    As aprecia foarte mult niste sfaturi legate de acest mic(dar important) detaliu al luptei.

    Toate cele bune !


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    Hunterii dau tranq shot chiar daca urmeaza breath. Evident, nu dau tranq toti odata, si deci nu sta decat unul in los. Daca isi iau breath, noi avem 2 paladini in apropierea lor a caror responsabilitate este offtank-ul in caz de time lapse. Tot ei se ocupa si de hunteri. Uneori nu reusesc.

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    ziceti va rog o tactica pt Broodlord Lashlayer...

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